Thursday, November 21, 2013

Horwoods Farm Photoshoot - my photos

To the mothers of 4-year-olds out there... go read your 4-year-old, wild and wonderful. In fact, now that I enjoyed that one so much, I'm going to get the other books every year.

Some of the reviews talk a lot about it feeling dated. I didn't even sense that at all (that may be a function of how old-fashioned I am - I call it having "traditional" values :)). I just really liked knowing what was normal for a 4-year-old.

Now when the kids are acting crazy (the definition of crazy differs about 3 times a day), I just tell D, "oh that's normal behaviour for Four". Needless to say, he's finding me particularly annoying at the moment.

Anyhow, get the book and read it! There's also a great section about toys and books for this age.

So that day we went for our photoshoot, I took pics of the kids too. I'm always amazed afterwards when there are actually some nice photos because it feels like I'm saying the same thing "LOOK AT ME!!! NO FUNNY FACES" a million times.

genuine scared face!

cute tummy peeking out and a plaster on the knee = authentic four!
again, genuine fear! See D's t-shirt :)

Do you have a favourite?

PS Mrs FF is so organised; her baby had a photoshoot at less than two weeks old (I know this is kind-of normal for a lot of you - I'm in awe since I didn't get my A into G til 4.5 months).


  1. Me, organized, coming from you that's a serious compliment.

    I love the picture of D and Connor with the genuine fear face ;) ;) and the first one of K

  2. I love the one of them on the merry go round :)_


  3. I love natural photos where children just play without thinking about cameras. I love the photos of K and C on the swing where the aren't looking at you.

  4. The bottom collage, the bottom row, second one in. Priceless! #thisisfour

  5. I like the one with them on the roundabout thingy - second photo.

  6. I like the one with them on the roundabout thingy - second photo.

  7. Bacon still hasn't had professional portraits taken. He'll be one in 9 days (GASP!)

    I love the closeups on the swing of both of them :)


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