Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday afternoons

This is D's camera. He did photojournalism at university and in the "old days" they used "real cameras" and learned to develop film properly in a dark room. He has some of his black and whites which are gorgeous.

Nevertheless, he mentioned something about his camera so he had to take it out to show the kids :)

please note Thursday is also asleep in K's blanket!


  1. Awwww too cute. I see you in the way Connor held the camera!

  2. Please tell me that flash will fit your camera so you can learn flash and teach me!!!!! I also think that would make an awesome prop for future photo shoots with the kids.

    Love the cuddle shots!

  3. So cool to see this old camera.
    Much love there with K sleeping in your arms :)

  4. I also have a film camera - my first "proper" camera when I was about 21.

    Looks like a great afternoon :)

  5. Love the ones with the children holding the camera, so adorable.

  6. Love all these shots! Looks like a stunning day was had by all :)


  7. You know I didn't go digital until just before the girls were born. I keep saying I'm going to get my old camera out and take some shots...but I think the anticipation would kill me! Not knowing what I'd gotten until they were developed??? Gah!!! ;)

    Agree with MandyH...awesome photo prop!

  8. Oh that little sleeping soul! How cute. I only went SLR digital back in 2009 - up until then I had a small digital and still used my film SLR. Still have it too

  9. That pic of you and D is lovely! And I love sleeping babies :)

  10. I love the sleeping babies. I remember those days when we wondered how many of our photos are going to land in the booboo box.

  11. You look so content in that photo of you & D :)


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