Saturday, November 02, 2013

One word for November

Are you as freaked out that we're in November as I am? What is it - 6 weeks til Christmas? ;)

October went far too fast for my liking and those were just the weeks, not even the weekends.

Still, it wasn't a bad month in the grand scheme of things except for the Thing That Shall Remain Nameless.

I mentioned this before but my friend Beth does a word (s) she wants for the month ..

this month mine was going to be action but when I chatted to Beth, she challenged me to add a descriptive word, so FOCUSSED action it is :)

Focussed on my goals, on my prayer life, on keeping my sanity, on what matters most in the grand scheme of things and not thinking too much about the details.


this amazing light fixture is in another building on the campus property - I always feel like I want to stroke my hands through those fringes :)

Interesting things that happened in October:
  1. We booked a holiday! In January but still, a holiday is booked!
  2. I just went onto Disc.overy's website to check my gym visits for the month - 6 plus 1 with my PT at the work gym. Then I got nerdy... as at end Oct, 28 visits with PT and 44 visits to my gym = 72 for the year and 7.2 on average which sounds about right. I know this is very low for some of you but for me.... awesome! Esp this year!
  3. One of the kids is challenging us 100-fold so I bought "your 4-year-old: wild and wonderful"
  4. % of goals reached for October = 96%. Sadly this probably means when life is tough, I put my head down and just push on with things.

Some things on my list for November:
  1. Organise recipe files
  2. Try two new recipes for summer
  3. Book dental appointments
  4. Plan lunches for the week as well as suppers
  5. Order canvases for Christmas presents
  6. Decide if we're hosting Christmas (I can't believe we're talking about Christmas)
  7. Laugh more!

What's on your list for November?
Tell me the top 3 things.


  1. My wish for you for November is loads of deep belly laughs. Still praying for you.

  2. Sjoe. November is going to be CRAZY. My nerves are shot because I'm going to need to spend A LOT of money. For November, I need to go and buy a vehicle licence, declutter my bedroom and the bathroom and learn how to work my new phone - must fetch it tomorrow. Also I'm going swimming!

  3. Yes! Laugh more! I love that!

    And love the photo .Stunning.

  4. That photo is AMAZING. Love it. I am looking for a good book on how to deal with a sensitive child... Kade is pushing all sorts of buttons and I don't think my "harder" way of dealing with life is working for him and his sensitivity... November is going to be a month of get the house finished already, cleaning and moving back in. I cannot even begin to admit that we're THIS close to Christmas cos I am inadequately organised for it... so I'll live in denial and focus on it after we've moved back into our house (hopefully latest mid November!)


  5. Hahaha, I think my November word would have to be PANIC. I am not fussed about Christmas now, my main thing I'm preparing for is Nicola's birthday circus. ;-)

    This month I have to figure out how to make a pinata, amongst other things! It has to be a purple and pink unicorn nogal.

  6. Love your number 7!

  7. Laugh More. That's a good one, especially in this busy month. =)


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