Sunday, November 03, 2013

Photoshoot day!

I keep forgetting how torturous photoshoot day is around these parts.

We ALL get into a tizz - D tries to sabotage it by refusing to wear my colour scheme, the kids dragggggg their feet and I turn into a banshee, barking orders at everyone to MOVE IT!

I hate it. Really I do.

And then when I get the photos, they sustain me for another year.


Today was that day.

I don't know if I'm just past caring because of The Thing That Shall Remain Nameless but at any one point one kid is looking, the other is making faces at the camera and we're fake-smiling.

If Eve gets a few good photos, then MIRACLE.

We told the kids they could play AFTER the lady took all the photos she needed, and we did... for a good hour (the shoot was 45 mins!).

We then came home, gave ourselves ice-cream as a reward for staying sane, popped the kids into baths, fed them and into bed.

Here are a few photos I took when they were playing.

How was your Sunday?


  1. It was photoshoot day here today, too, and I am POOPED!!! I think things went pretty well...but it is EX-HAUS-TING to say the least.

    I completely feel ya! But I'll bet you'll be surprised at the least I hope we are! ;)

  2. Am I the only one to never have had photos taken?

    You ladies make it sound miserable. Maybe I should consider myself lucky! I hope you both get some wonderful pictures for the torture you've endured.

  3. Well I am at the point where I am not even thinking about it this year. Last year was too much to handle

  4. Well done for getting thru it! My Sunday started off with major meltdowns trying to get Kade ready for church after a night of ZERO sleep due to bloody fireworks, petrified dogs and a baby that would not stop kicking me... Thankfully my husband took Kade to have lunch with his folks and I managed to get a good 3 hour sleep in during the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent pottering, playing and relaxing.


  5. Thanks for reminding me what a nightmare it can be...this year I think I'll get the landlord's son to come with us to the botanical garden. I'll give him a few hundred bucks because apparently he's saving up for a car and he can roam around and take photos of us all day - no pressure (I hope).

    I'm having a giggle at D refusing to wear the team colours. Looks like you went with blue? What did he go in then?

  6. LOL hope you get some goodies

  7. I do have to schedule an Oupa and Ouma photoshoot with the grandchildren. Then I think about the chaos and think that I am just plain scared. I love the photos you took of them.


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