Saturday, November 30, 2013

Six on Saturday

Now that you all know about my "finisher" tendencies with my toiletries, you won't be surprised to see this on the blog. I bought two of these in America last year and I have LOVED using them (only $5,99 at a CVS). I was super excited to see a similar product advertised in the Clicks magazine but alas, when I went to check it out, it was seriously terrible. Nothing like this one. So Mrs FF, if you're reading and you have a tiny bit of space in your suitcase, I'd love another 2 to tide me over for the next year :)
This is evidence of a new meal that worked! I tried Beef Stroganoff for the first time on Monday and K polished it off. D and I did too. Connor had a sore throat so didn't eat very much and she wanted his food too :) The other new recipe I tried this month was Pufferfish's Banana Crush Cake (I printed if off her blog probably 2.5 years ago) and it is DELICIOUS! I'm going to have a piece with some tea after I hit publish :)
Project Life for October - I've been doing 6 10 X 15 sleeves per month and it's been working well. I really, REALLY like the forced boundaries!
My kids really are the best in the world. We had an amazing weekend last weekend (nothing special except I was determined to invest in their little love tanks and it worked). We crafted, cooked (Connor cut the mushrooms for the Beef Stroganoff, Kendra made salad), went to gym, etc, etc. Normal, everyday, WONDERFUL time spent together.
I was chatting to a mother at that last party and even though her husband is mostly unavailable for any childcare (how do you girls do it?!), she still gets to gym 3 times during the week and works full-time. So I thought, "enough" and I announced to the kids that we'd be going to gym on Wed night. Turns out D got home earlier than expected so I could have left the kids with him but Connor and I went together anyway. Milestone!  And we'll do more of this. Confession - telling the kids help keep me more accountable....
These craft kits were birthday gifts from lovely Robynne. We did one on Friday afternoon last week and it was such fun (but a HUGE mess) that I left it all out and we finished off all on Saturday. And then vacuumed all that glitter. I'm still finding glitter in the study but it was worth it. The "proper" photos show the detail better and the kids LOVED it. I think they might have thought I'd lost it (who's to say that isn't true?) because I actually let them loose with such messy things.
Do you like these sorts of posts?

I just realised I haven't posted iphoneography for a good while so this killed two birds with one stone.

Do you use foundation? Which is your current favourite?


  1. I am reading and I have space. Please email me the specifics and the shop you got it from.

    Please share the recipe, if K polished it off I definitely want to try it, plus I need to make something new.

    How are you?

  2. I have a foundation - my mom bought it for me - no idea the brand - I only wear it when we go out somewhere proper - I don't wear make-up daily.

    I enjoy posts like this :) They are good for this time of year because people are busy so comments etc start decreasing so they make for easy writing and reading.

  3. Lovely post. I love the crafts the children did. Beautiful.

  4. Cool post! I don't use foundation unless I'm having make-up done by a professional. Now you must share the beef stroganoff recipe with us. Am smiling at the picture K's place mat.

  5. Lovely post...and good for you on the messy things. ;-)

    I hardly ever wear foundation (or any make up really). There is one that I love but I can't justify spending that much on that anymore. Lancome's amazing. Don't even know if it's on the market anymore, but that's what I used pre responsibilties.

  6. I just turned forty and since we still haven't had any luck on the child front, I decided to cheer myself up with a new look. I found an amazing, South African made mineral foundation called Inthusiasm. I found it by accident when the very expensive American foundation I used to buy was always out of stock. This one is actually better than the expensive one! I get constant comments about how much younger I look :-)

  7. I use the Revlon colour stay foundation. It doesn't get too oily and for a daily use its great.


  8. Wait. You let the kids loose with a knife? I'm nervous to try this? What about their little fingers, although I know they would LOVE the chance to! I let them wash the veg, help me prep, but I don't let them even TOUCH the knife! LOL! I have been using soooo much foundation / powder / whatever because my skin is so horrible, although vastly improved since my medication. I use whatever I can get for free at work, so generally a Loreal or Maybelline item. Before my bad skin, I never used to use foundations, only for very special occassions :)


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