Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today I'm thankful for...

winter sunsets in Jhb (how can we say there is no God?!)
this gorgeous building that many a day got me through life in the city
holidays with the babies
friends who celebrated with me
colourful things that catch my eye
walks with my favourite little guy
black and white photography (I LOVE THIS PHOTO)
autumn leaves
cute babies and beautiful light
the little one's love for her father :)
grey skies
my camera, for capturing moments like these that make me smile
my family and the beach
holidays (47 days til our next one, not that I'm counting ;))
beautiful friends of which I have so many - I'm blessed! (just a screenshot from my 2013 friends folder)
and last but not least, YOU, my lovely readers.

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving today (for real, with FOOD!) with my lovely friend (they spent many years in the US of A, and their oldest was born there).

She warned me that she'll be going round the table and each will have to say what they're thankful for.

Initially I groaned because life is not really peachy at the moment but then I opened my "Marcia faves" folder and I remembered there are amazing gifts in my life.

I'm feeling most thankful today for all of you who have supported me through this very trying time with your comments, emails, SMS, whatsups, scriptures, phone calls, letters, gifts and most of all, your prayers.

I appreciate it all so very much!

And to think just about three years ago I remember praying and asking God to send me just two good friends. He has done exceedingly abundantly more than I could even ask or think!

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or
think, according to the power that works in us. (Ephesians 3:20)

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. LOVE this post. Moved me to tears actually. I'm grateful for you, my beautiful friend. Love you millions. xx

  2. Ok I also have tears in my eyes because no matter how bad things seem we always always always have something to be grateful for. I'm thanking God for the great things He has in stock for you my dear friend. Lots of love

  3. OH how I love this post! Happy Thanksgiving to you too

  4. AWESOME post! Hope you had the best Thankgiving dinner EVAH.


  5. We all need to stop and do these kinds of posts to remind us what we do have - I actually need to do one - bit rough this side but it will pass :))

  6. I am thankful for having you in my life Marcia. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  7. I'm glad God has sent you a lot of support. Hugs Marcia

  8. A lot of good if you get a glimpse of the big picture... :-)


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