Wednesday, November 27, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} T's party

A few weeks ago we went to a party - one of Connor's classmates.

It was fabulous.

They had C.lamber Cl.ub there with people to boss the kids around and make them move, so all the parents needed to do was eat, drink and relax :)


 I should send the mother a present too!

My children are still a bit too attached to us at parties (D actually) so we had a talk to them and said if they don't want to go play, we're going to start declining the invites since the point of a party is to celebrate with the birthday child.

We have one on Saturday so we'll remind them and see if this has sunk in...

this is also divine... for me.

Connor, random child, Kendra
the cake was delicious!

but I didn't allow the kids to eat all the sugar decorations
birthday girl's feet on the right
my two "just look at the camera"

of course these are the shots I love, the sneaky shots! Isn't that ring gorgeous?!

Connor pinching me!
I love the reflection in the mother's sunglasses!
Two questions today -

did you notice a type of photo I never usually take? Which is your favourite?


  1. I did not notice the ring... I was checking out the camera! LOL!

  2. The one with the camera and ring...and the one of the reflection in the sunglasses.

  3. The doggie!!!

    I purposefully asked DH to stay home for our last party for that very reason. He was happy to oblige.

  4. What a gorgeous labrador!I do not think I have ever seen a dog photo before? Clamber club is fantastic!

  5. The labby stood out for me cos I don't think I've ever seen an animal photo before? I ADORE the reflection in the glasses one.

  6. I assume the dog! Love it. My favourite is the reflection of the sky in the sunglasses

  7. The dog photo...
    My favourite is the one with the three pairs of feet, ooh and also the one where the two of them are looking at the camera.

  8. What camera is that? That lens looks serious!

    My older 2 went through stages of being attached to me - Kiara more so but the boys seemed happy to go off!


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