Thursday, December 19, 2013

20 years

Today I celebrated 20-year spiritual birthday.

Gosh! 20 years ago our friend (who worked with D at the time and is from PE originally too - yay) invited us to church, I gave my heart to the Lord and that was indeed that.

This is one time my black and white-ness was a good thing.

No looking back.

My oldest friend said to me at the time, "this is never going to last" because see, she knew me when I used to dance on tables.... (for real!). Well, still standing. She has said it's been amazing to watch my "transformation" :)

Recently when I said to D, "why doesn't God just rescue me from this craziness?" D said, "Marsh, we're not baby Christians anymore. We're expected to stand... and keep standing..."

Yes indeed. I like it when he talks sense into me.

However, I still can't wait til I'm through and this can be just a wonderful testimony :)

This is the scripture God gave me a few weeks ago when I was absolutely FREAKING out.

The twenty years have been quite the ride - mostly a journey of unspeakable joy and peace amidst the normal crazy of life and then the infertility and now the Work Thing.

We've touched literally hundreds of people's lives over the last 20 years and I honesly can't wait to get properly back into ministry again to impact hundreds more. To dip my toes into the water, I've agreed to do some training next year for a ministry I ran for 7 years til The Year of The IVF :) (2008) Honestly, I can't wait. It's like Myers Briggs for Christians - what could be more fun?!

I'm going to write a "good, bad, and ugly" post of 2013 but one of the very good things is that I'm closer to God than I have been for a few years. So there's that.

If you feel like it, tell me what was the last thing you felt God telling you? If you don't believe in God, then what do you feel is the next big step in your life?

Mine is the one I posted on Instagram earlier - basically "I know you and you have found favour with me" and to that I said AMEN!  :)

Before this ends too seriously, let me tell you something funny!

One day I fetched Connor late and he asked me why.

I said my boss doesn't like it if I leave early.

Connor Doesn't he like you? (PERCEPTIVE!)

Me I don't think so, boy

Connor Does he like the other people?

Me Yes, baby, he does.

D told me the other night the kids prayed "dear God, please give Mummy a new boss who will like her" - did you melt? So did I! And we all know kids have lots of favour with God  ;) How do they remember everything?!


I took the kids to work on Tues and THANK THE LORD he was on leave.

Kendra demanded, "Mummy, WHERE is your boss?"

And I could quite honestly say, "he's not here, baby, he's on holiday".

I literally scooted them in and out of there so quickly in case they blurted out something.

All that to say... be verrrry careful because our little people remember EVERYTHING and it could have been very embarrassing because my two have no qualms asking the hard questions (they stopped the man at PnP to question him about why he's in a wheelchair and on and on and on).

Today is also the pink terrorist's (Louisa's daughter) 4th birthday! Happy birthday!
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  1. Ha! God bless kids. God speaks to us all the time, issue with most of us (at least I know it applies to me) is that we don't pause long enough to hear him.

  2. I think one of my biggest lessons has been to learn the difference between hope (what I want and think I deserve to have) and faith (that what is meant for me may not be what I want, but it is in my best interests, for reasons I may never understand in this lifetime).

  3. Out of the mouths of babes huh? ;-)

    The last thing God told me was to check my attitude, in a way of don't be so angry! I'm taking it to heart.

  4. I really felt so close to the Lord while we were spending so much time in His word and seeking His face during the leadership training course. The last thing He told me is to find my joy in every circumstance and to stay close to Him when people are ugly or nasty to me. Not to react but to respond. I would never be able to live without His prompting.

  5. LOL...had to laugh at the "Mummy, WHERE is your boss?"

    I don't know hey. This is where I tell you that I'm jealous of people who hear God speaking to them. Clearly I'm not listening hard enough?


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