Monday, December 30, 2013

{2013 review} Books read

Here's a post I wrote this morning that a lot of you may be interested in - how I do my goal-setting and year in review.

Right, moving along.

I've mentioned before how I love Goodreads. That hasn't stopped because it beautifully replaced my little pink notebook. Well, if I loved it anymore, I'd marry it!

This year I set a goal of 65 (last year my goal was 60; I hit that in October so I increased it to 70 and made it on 31 Dec!) and for awhile there it looked dicey because those anti-anxiety meds made me so sleepy but since I've been off them since Tues 17th :) I'm a night owl and I'm reading properly again.

I also set a goal that I wanted to get through 15 non-fiction and 15 physical books (it didn't necessarily have to be the same 15...)

the last 30 books I read...

So far I've finished 67 books (Goodreads tells me I'm at 103% of my goal :)) and I will hopefully finish one more... if it kills me!

Of those 67, 24 are non-fiction which is probably the highest in any one year for me, and guess what? I read 20 physical books - YAY!

20 off my bookshelf!

(Confession - I went to the bookshop on Sunday and added about 3 more).

Best non-fiction this year
  1. Lean In
  2. Carry on, warrior
  3. Hypothetical future baby
  4. My one word
  5. Unglued
  6. Your 4-year-old: wild and wonderful

Most disappointing
  1. Taming the work week
  2. Grace for the good girl
  3. Sparkly green earrings

Fiction I most enjoyed this year
  1. The daisy picker - Roisin Meaney (I've even given as gifts)
  2. Never look away - Linwood Barclay 
  3. The art of friendship - Erin Kaye (gifted too)
  4. The mystery of Mercy Close - Marian Keyes

Best new authors discovered
  1. Roisin Meaney
  2. Erin Kaye
  3. Linwood Barclay
  4. (Sinead Moriarty was last year, I think?)
How many books have you read this year?
Fiction/ non-fiction split?
What were your favourite (new to you) authors or which books would you recommend for me?

PS everyone says Me before you but I'm not a fan of crying books!
PPS Linking this post up to Modern Mrs Darcy where everyone is linking up their favourite reads of 2013


  1. Haven't been counting but will do a tally and tell you tomorrow. I need to sit and write about 2013 but I just can't. Will have to force myself tomorrow. Did you manage to check my word on your fancy app?
    Well done on all your reading btw!
    Want to see if I can buy My One Word, Claudia's book and maybe the Erin Kaye one. As you know, I was also disappointed by GFTGG.

  2. I have no idea how many I read - wasn't anywhere near 60 though but I am ok with that :) Would like to read more but I value my sleep more.

  3. I have read a lot of books this year, but not one of these. So many books so little time. Marcia, I want to thank you for your words of encouragement and friendship these past few years. Wishing you and your beautiful family much love, peace and joy in 2014. In my heart I know that there will be positive happenings in your work life xxxx.

  4. I met my goal this year, too--WOOO! : ) You do SOOO need to read Me Before You. Yes, it's a crying book, but it's absolutely beautiful. Have you heard anything about The Snow Child? I really enjoyed it a couple of months ago. And Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your's not necessarily my usual style, but I flew through it in just a day. So fun! (I just recommended both of these to you on Goodreads. : ) )

  5. I almost always read fiction. I can't remember the last non-fiction book I picked up

  6. Oh! Thanks for the reminder - I've been meaning to check out the "Your 4 Year Old..." and the "Your 1 Year Old" books from the library. The one about Age 3 was a game-changer :) I should also get around to reading Lean In. I keep checking it out for my e-reader and then not actually reading it before the loan expires :P

  7. Love your three categories! (I abandoned Sparkly Green Earrings, and I seriously thought I might be the only one who found it underwhelming. Now I know there's at least two of us.)

    Your mosaic of books is so pretty. I spy Elin Hilderbrand: she's one of the authors I intend to finally read in 2014!

    Thanks for sharing your favorites with us!


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