Saturday, December 14, 2013

Everyday moments

I really want to try and do one of these every week from now onwards. Will someone remind me in case I forget? :)

I've had a good weekend thus far - Nicola's party where I saw 3 friends, and then Connor and I went to buy Nanny S's daughter a present and after that... we went to Clicks. Well, R831 later (it would have been about R1100 if not for all the 3 for the price of 2 specials. Divine - I love shopping for gifts :)

Onto the everyday moments because I'm past that point in my current book... and everything (cooking/ etc) is keeping me from finding out what's next :)

I love this story. This is the person in the team I replaced. I met her at her farewell and we hit it off big-time, so much so we met regularly in the CBD for coffee and lunch and this was taken at my work a few weeks ago when she came to have lunch with me. I LOVE it. BTW, I'm the only girl... 3 left in a row.
this is in one of our buildings. I always feel like I want to run my fingers through the fringe :)
also on the campus grounds.
the last of the jacarandas.. they're all gone now!
crafting... with those super soft Bic colouring pencils I LOVE! Also, I love how I can blur out the mess in the back :)
obsessed with writing at the moment. So I'll find "notes" in my notebooks and I pretend not to know and say "who's been writing in my notebook?" and she giggles and has to own up. I actually gave her some Project Life cards to write me some notes the other day - she LOVED it!
this was the day I made about 5 million washi tape pegs while the kids coloured in :)

Free to a good home :) I decluttered a number of bags recently. Nanny S took those she felt she could use and I have these left which, if you want, you're very welcome to have for free. I just need you to please pay for postage if I'm not seeing you soon, otherwise proper free :) Let me know asap! thanks!

And now, that book is calling my name!

How was your Saturday?


  1. I would like ALL the bags. Please. Will pay for postage. I had the laziest Saturday ever and stayed in bed.

  2. So I'm suuuuuper curious why the girl you replaced left, and the ones before her?
    We had a glorious Saturday. No work, we had our family party! The snow was falling and the kids had a blast!

  3. As you know my Saturday was busy but fantastic! ;-) still recovering actually.

  4. Saturday! Days are a blur these days (lol) can't actually remember what I did on Saturday since today feels like Sunday. That's what happens when Monday is a public holiday

    Julia beat me to it! Would have loved the dark green bag

  5. My Saturday was... a bit of a mish mash. I was overtired and irritable, had to wake Kade from his nap for a birthday party and he had a melt down, Cliff and I ended up fighting and it was a mess. BUT Kade had a blast at the party and the day ended off well.


  6. K worked in the garden over the weekend and I played in my craft room.


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