Saturday, December 21, 2013

Everyday moments

gift from a supplier last year - I LOVE IT!
First day of decorating
stringing some beads
photo by Kendra
the before...
Connor helping to choose angles to instagram :)
at my work Christmas lunch - only pic of people
at work - we are so blessed to work on a campus like this
work function again... of course I love doors
view. turned out to be a beautiful (and very hot and sticky) day!
How was your Saturday?


  1. LOVE your decor! Am still trying to acclimatize to my home. And I'm busy with laundry. That was my Saturday. Hope yours was good?

  2. Mrs FF5:59 am

    Love the LOVE pic by K. C looks like a man on a mission. I'm sure you got some lovely pictures. Saturday was good, slept for most part of it, did some baking and visited the in-law

  3. Where are the after pictures? It looks lovely - LOVE the pressed ceilings :)

    Saturday was the same as every other day at the moment :) Feed the masses, rest, feed the masses, nap, feed the masses and sleep!!


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