Sunday, December 29, 2013

Everyday moments

the instagrammers will have seen this project life card - kendra wrote me a love note. BTW, I gave them each ONE card one day and for days after that I'd just find these cards all over the house (they got into my stash).
grips - they are going to be the death of me. I buy a pack of 6 nicely matching and then two days later, we can only find 2 - 3. These days if I can't find two matching ones, I just put any two. Take that, perfectionism :)
our photoshoot images were packaged so beautifully I squealed! BTW, I see Eve posted lots of photos from our shoot.
printables from the internet. I'm very proud of myself this year - I didn't download one set of printables and I had MORE than enough gift tags. I also learnt about the double bow from a friend at work - did you know about the double bow?
probably my most favourite dish in the kitchen at the moment - colour, size, perfection :)
favourite spices at the moment - I use the garlic and herb for my cream-based dishes (chicken and broccoli, chicken and mushroom, etc.) and the chilli and garlic for anything tomato-based, after I take out the kids' portions
photo by Connor - latest batch of donated books and a puzzle. I love decluttering with this boy - he is "worse" than I am (RUTHLESS). He tells ME I'm not throwing out enough.
What's happening on your side of the world?

How ruthless a declutterer are you?

PS K and D are slight hoarders....


  1. Your pics are BEAUTIFUL. Loved the t-shirt that D was wearing. I am ruthless. Child1 and my husband are hoarders. Child2 doesn't mind what you do as long as you don't touch his one or two "favourites". We are actually struggling on this side of the world without our car. Sigh. If all goes well, we'll get it back at the end of the week. I can't wait.

  2. Love this post! I quit doing PL after mid-September so now need to play catch up. Thank goodness for phone photos - I haven't been using my DSLR much at all, except for "event" photos like opening Christmas presents.

    My fear is my kids getting into my craft stuff. The 4yo knows better (mostly) but the 15 month old is ALL OVER EVERYTHING. And my new craft room, when it's finished, can't be locked :(

  3. This year I was actually very ruthless in my decluttering but I am not sure if it was enough. We still have so much stuff. Stuff everywhere!

    David and Kiara are hoarders - Kiara more so than D - she keeps EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING!

  4. I kind of mosey along...chucking a bag of crap out every now and then. Then, one fine day I get a bee in my bonnet and do a BIG purge. It's a beautiful.thing really.

    If anyone ever battles to throw something useless out they should just watch the CSI episode with the hoarder. I start itching just thinking about it!

  5. I'm thinking I'm a bit of a hoarder. As I was stashing away Christmas gifts from this year for a rainy day down the line, I found a bag I stashed away last year that I'll now re-gift slowly. I didn't do my typical pre-christmas declutter but now that Christmas has thrown up on every corner of the house I'll have to dig in deep! My problem now is the older they get the longer their toys seem to last, in terms of interest and usability. Chucking a perfectly good toy that sees a lot of action is hard for me!

  6. I chuck out a lot!!
    I made my poor kids sort out their toys on Christmas Eve ;)... got rid of almost 2 toys boxes! I'm teaching them to be as ruthless as me :)


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