Friday, December 06, 2013

{Friendship Friday} In which I act totally out of character

So you guys all heard about Mandela, right?

I was very sad but I think it would have been worse for the nation had we not had the "warnings" in June/ July/ whenever it was.

We all assembled in one of our buildings to pay tribute this morning. It was very moving and a very nice gesture.

We also stopped a crucial part of our sales processes today as a mark of respect.

this lovely ornament is of Charlotte and is from the lovely MandyE. Mandys, we need to plan something for next year! Outer Banks?

Moving on.

I really haven't been myself and a sign of this is I won't be going to our Infertility Support Group's Christmas lunch tomorrow. This is the first time ever, in about 6 years.

I just don't feel like being "happy" with everybody.

I decided to give myself permission to do just what I need this month which is a lot of one-on-one connection time.

I've organised a supper date, a lunch date and will see at least four friends at two birthday parties, which is plenty.

One of my coaching clients told me she wants this month to feel CALM which I think is brilliant. I want this month to feel PEACEFUL.

Tomorrow we have MIL coming over for a pool party... in this weather.... and I plan to potter around, get Christmas stuff done, CDs posted (yours, Julia!), order canvases, etc.
What are you up to this weekend?
Which word do you want to feel this December?

PS By the way, today 5 years ago is when I triggered at the Rod Stewart concert. And Dee's triplets are 3!


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  2. We've got another action packed weekend ahead. Cousin's baby shower today - they're so happy because they've been trying for years and went through a miscarriage to get here, and my aunt's 60th tomorrow.

    Not picking a word for Dec...but I want to focus on rest, recharge and family.

  3. I just need to feel at peace. Simple? We will just have to see.

  4. My word for December? REST.
    I actually don't like to socialise in December because it adds to my feelings of feeling harried and anxious and overwhelmed. I like to do all the socialising in November. Alas. No one else feels that way. Having said that, I've just come from a divine, impromptu breakfast date with a friend. it was EXACTLY what I needed and I feel completely rejuvenated.
    Can't wait for my CD. Thank you. Am too excited!
    Have no plans this weekend except for Church. I'm going to read and relax in front of some series. And tidy up my craft cupboard and I'll try to squeeze in a nap somewhere.
    ps...I am VERY sad about Mandela. So much so that I have had to get off all SM because it's making my eyes leak. I tried to write a Mandela post yesterday but I simply had no good words.

  5. I think I am with Julia - REST :)

  6. Word: focus

    I need to focus on the day, on the task at hand, and stop fussing over all the things to come this month. I'm so overwhelmed but I know I won't get a moments rest until after the holidays.

    You're not alone in skipping parties. I've bailed on everything but the necessities. I just don't have the energy, or patience, to solider through them.

    I'm in for next year! Tell me when and where! Oooooh Mannnnnnnndy!

  7. I know you hate to miss that luncheon, but I am proud of you for putting *you* first.

    I'm still doing my best to be enjoy what's going on, in the moment, for what it's worth...and not get caught up in to-do's.

    And YES for next year!!!

  8. My word for December = prepare followed very closely by REST. I'm bone tired all the time now but still have WAY too much to get done before our little miss arrives next year.



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