Tuesday, December 03, 2013

How on earth is it December?!

I really don't want to wish the year by but on the other hand I actually do.

I said to Julia the other night that I so wish I could see just two months into the future :) In all honesty, I'm tired of trusting so hard and I'm really keen to see what God will give me for my new word for 2014. I have an inkling already but I want to pray about it properly.

Anyway, I'm on my mini leave after another 14 working days.

November was quite awful as you all know. I haven't even written half the things on the blog - I'm bored of the same old nonsense so imagine how bored you'll be.

Even those that do know more don't know the full extent of the daily crazy but I'm still standing, drugged a little bit, but still standing. God's put some amazing women in my path at work to encourage me daily.

Despite the work thing, or maybe because of it, I managed to get 94% of my goals done.

When I went to my GP last week, after millions of questions, she decided I'm not depressed; instead this is situational anxiety :) I have a script for two months of meds but it's on a need to use basis so I only got half the first month's dosage and I started yesterday. I can't say "I feel more myself" but there's a barrier between me and the crying which is awesome. It's nice to not feel so anxious at work.

I have a whole post on similarities between this and the infertility in my head... who knows if it'll ever get out. However, like the infertility, this crazy will make an awesome testimony one day. Moving on.

December goals.

My word for December is resolution.

This month, some of my goals are:

  1. Deliver AWESOME workshops next Thurs at work (2 X 1.5 hours so it's going to require my ALL)
  2. Bake with kids
  3. Family dates to Bambanani and Montecasino Bird Gardens
  4. Two birthday parties
  5. Supper with Roz if we can swing it
  6. Visit with Louisa
  7. Christmas here (I caved!)
  8. Buy kitchen table (I ordered one in April, the place kept faffing around and eventually refunded my money last month - very sad because I wanted that one)
I'm not going to write laugh more again because I can't remember when I cried more!

What are some of your goals for December?
PS I'm reading Lean In and LOVING IT!


  1. If only there weren't an ocean between us, I'd totally build you a table!

    It's only the 3rd and I'm over December. Bring on 2014! I need to write out my goals but I haven't gotten down anything beyond just surviving.

  2. I totally need to take like slower this December - must actually be my one and only goal.

    Have a hugg my friend - will see you next Sat.

  3. Yay to a mini break....and yay to little white helpers when things get rough. Hang in there my friend...it is always the darkest just before dawn. xx

  4. "However, like the infertility, this crazy will make an awesome testimony one day." - LOVE this attitude. And yes, I agree with Lynette. Yay for little helpers indeed! I got Lean In earlier. Will start to read it this weekend. If I can keep my eyes open because I am bloody exhausted!


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