Monday, December 02, 2013

If you've ever thought my photos are good...

Edited to add - the sale is valid til Tuesday midnight PST (that's Wed morning 9 am South African time)

you'll know I attribute most of it to going through Superhero Photo last year.

There is a 30% off voucher TODAY only.

If you want to do Superhero Photo, or any one of the other courses, here is your Cyber Monday code for today only.


There's a treasure hunt course too - the code for this one is INSPIRE29.

I promise you, you'll not regret it.

PS that is my affiliate code - I am a raving fan, as you know, so I feel no shame about fully promoting this course!

PPS I've also done Mondo Beyondo - great but obviously I'm about 70% skilled in the area of big dreams and goals already. New York was a Mondo Beyondo for me!

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  1. I recognize those hands! ;) THANK YOU for the code! I may have to consider it again...I sure loved it the first time.

    Sending warm, happy thoughts your way, and every day.


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