Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm nearly there

Friends, I'm a half day away from 12 days out of the office.

I can't WAIT!

this is what the table looks like now. I LOVE this white paper tree - R0.99 on sale after last Christmas

I was a machine at work between the odd chit-chat. My desk is sparkling, all my papers are sorted, my cubicle photos are pared down and tomorrow I attack all those emails and folders. And hopefully I'll get my 2013 goals review done too.

I also went shopping after work - no looking at prices, I just bought what I wanted for D and some pressies for me too (Julia, I got two dresses!!!). The Christmas cards are all written and I'm DONE.

I read an email from Jennifer Louden (I linked to her Satisfaction Finder about a year ago) today and she said something about lowering your standards being freeing not lazy, and I decided there and then I'm not killing myself hand writing (because that's one of my "things") out 30 cards. I think I did 12 for our very, very closest friends and family, and that's it!

Woolies wrapped all D's gifts - what a relief.

So I'm done.

Now I just have to cook Christmas lunch. I can tell you I'm not having people over for at least 5 years :) That's a topic for another blog post.

In other news, L and I both LOVE Oh Holy Night and we're now You Tubing all the versions to decide on the best one.

Dear Lord, like I need more obsessions :)

However, I generally prefer male voices so The Plain Truth's one is the best male one for me (look on itunes), and Mariah's is the best female one. But as I said, we're still You tubing it.

Your favourite version????


  1. I do like Mariah's version a lot. Not sure if she has more than one - the one with the choir in the church. Listened to Pavarotti one last night too, but the Kerrie Roberts one was my fab last night. Also her version of Jingle Bells :)

  2. I finished wrapping gifts last night - kids have more than enough stuff! I have definitely lowered the standard this holiday - lol - not even sure it gets off the ground but it has been just what we all needed :)

  3. We are done here too. Except for my BF. He wants to go and get one last thing and is dragging me along because he has an expired drivers licence. Am dropping him off just now and he can do his thing while the kids and I go for breakfast.
    My favourite versions are the ones from Josh Groban, Pavarotti & Domingo and Il Divo. I quite like the Kerrie Roberts one too. And of course I love Mariah's one. I always enjoy orchestra and choir.

  4. So cool that you have finished your Christmas shopping. You sound in such a good mood and I love that :) May you and your family have a beautiful Christmas.

  5. I sooooo agree to lowering your standards being a freeing experience, one I'm currently experiencing! I'm over Christmas and all this hoopla, can it be the new year yet??


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