Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just call me Scrooge

As we were leaving for our Christmas function, another colleague was entering the building with a gift for her function so I said, "STOP! that looks gorgeous" and took this photo. Isn't it lovely?
The last time I gave you a Christmas update it was 2 Dec and I'd done nothing yet. Julia just blogged about Christmas presents so I thought it was time for an update.

The advent calendar is in full swing - I organise the activities on the weekend and Nanny S executes during the week, Mon - Thurs.

Yesterday I realised that there were two weeks til D-day.... and I'll be hosting the lunch.

I'll also be working til 5 pm on Christmas Eve so I'm not quite sure what we'll be eating....My "lovely" boss has organised us to start a new project next week - isn't that fun? I'm the most exhausted I've ever been and I'll have to "dig deep" to somehow make something happen.

On that front, I've been on two little white pills for two days this week. Today I had one though. There's a definite "wall" between the barbed comments and my emotions so it's doing its thing.

Back to Christmas.
  • I wrote out 3 cards on the weekend, mainly to post some packages.
  • I've ordered one gift online.
  • I've ordered the two canvases for the grannies.
  • I sent 5 gifts for the teachers, assistants and the lady who cooks food (this is Connor's request - if you know my Connor, you know he highly values food :))
  • Tonight I wrapped 6 gifts - two for friends' kids and 4 for mine - and I wrote out another 4 cards.

This is what I've decided:
  1. If I'm seeing someone in person, they'll get a card and my special overseas friends will get (very late) cards too considering I still don't have my photos from the shoot (I do have two hi-res jpgs for the canvases).
  2. I've not done any cards for anyone at work (not even friends) - no energy. I normally do little gifts too (homemade biscuits!).
  3. I had big plans to get D an ipad mini since he's been a STAR this year (I'm sure any other man would have left - i have NOT been fun) but I honestly can't face Eastgate. I may just give him a gift voucher (on a card and when I can face the crowds, go with him...). Or a dishwasher (the gift that keeps on giving :)).
  4. My kids wrote us Christmas lists at school - shame, poor things - their lists will cost about R30 - R50 to get EVERYTHING (sweets, a nail polish, a small car, this type of thing) so we'll definitely get all those little things and I want rolling suitcases for them since we're going on a plane in exactly 33 days. Do you remember last year I was all about the something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read? Well I decided that is just way too much stuff.

On the bright side, I'm sooo getting with God in my car. I'm LOVING my new Christmas CD (The Plain Truth) and I've sent off two as presents already. Kendra tells me all the time now how she loves it when I sing (and I don't have the best voice but I do know how to worship God ;))

I took Connor on a date (he wanted a smoothie for filling up his star chart with 33 stars - I have easy kids, hey?) on Saturday afternoon. He told me he wanted "Jesus Jesus" in the car. I had NO idea what he was talking about til I finally twigged. It's this song by the Casting Crowns. And I figured God must be using this little boy because these lyrics are perfect.

Another thing I forgot in the infertility post is I had a CD then to get me through those months of IVF (If you say go - Vineyard Music) and the CD this one is on, Until the whole world hears. I've had it for awhile but it was obviously the right time RIGHT now :)


Now seriously, this right here is how to make my heart burst wide open! Somehow by osmosis they're getting my spirit :)

I also have a nice "Christmas green" on my finger nails so my priorities are firmly intact.

What's the good and bad about Christmas for you?


  1. I never did cards this year - they are my black dot of Christmas organising! I did manage teacher gifts on time but they were super cheap this year.

    I haven't got anything for D yet but all 3 kids have too much stuff already from grannies and uncles/aunts so they are sorted!

  2. Must still send off the cards! Otherwise, I'm just taking it easy. You can order the mini-ipad online? I don't go into shops unless I really have to. And then I'm there at the crack of dawn when the doors open so I can be out by 10am when the crowds come. That is a BEAUTIFUL song. I may need to get myself a Casting Crowns album. I actually need to blog about STUFF in the material things sense. I have a huge problem with my family buying my kids TOO MUCH STUFF. I don't know why they can't just buy one gift per kid? It's not like they bought us multiple gifts when we were growing up. I know that they mean well but anyway. I should blog about it. Order a platter or two for Christmas lunch. Make veg. Make a quick and easy dessert and you are SORTED. PNP does platters. I think Ocean basket also does them. And woollies sells ready made meats like gammon etc. They ALSO sell dessert that you pop into the microwave. Easy peasy. I've bought no gifts yet. Must sort that out soonest. Looks like I'm going on holiday alone with the kids. I think it will be fine.

  3. I've sent off some cards, but I still have quite a few in person ones to drop off. I had grand plans of baking cookies to go with them...but I don't think I'm going to make it.

    All the gifts are done thank goodness - still need to wrap it all up though.

    For now I am just going to focus on relaxing and enjoying the fun.

  4. At least our tree is up...and that is it, I am afraid. No gifts yet. Have to get myself into the shops tomorrow... SIGH!

  5. Our tree is up- not decorated fully yet. Lights are on it though. I've just started getting gifts this week for the kids. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I'm just not feeling the holiday spirit yet- and it seems lots of my friends have been saying the same. I feel like it just was Christmas yesterday!


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