Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, everybody

Those of you who are FB friends will have seen the last photo but since this is such a special place for me (TONS of free therapy), I want to show you some more of our photoshoot pics.

I've literally only logged on to post this and on my other blog, and then I'm jumping straight back into my book!!!

Tomorrow I'll be roasting my second chicken EVER (the first one was on my 36 things list years ago..... I since decided life is too short to roast chickens - remember I have a thing about touching raw meat... tomorrow D's touching the chicken and I'm bossing him around, so it should be ... interesting!)

Over the next week, I need to blog my 2013 review, my 2013 books read (for the nerds among us), my word for the year (yes! I have it!!!) and my goals for the new year (prizes for everyone who gets what goal number 1 is :)).

This afternoon, K and C helped me set the table - it was VERRRRRY cute - so I'll have to take some pics in my dining room after church. I also got them to make place cards (yes, Pinterest is coming alive in my house - LIES! it's all a ploy to keep them out of my hair so I can get on with cooking...) which was a hit. They wrote each person's name, stamped the card to smithereens and washi'd it.... it doesn't look very cute (certainly not Pinterest-worthy) but their little hearts were 100% immersed in the project. Yes, I will Instagram!

But best of all, 12 days off work starting tomorrow. YESSSSS, baby!

Merry Christmas, all!

If I'm not too knackered, I may post a pic or two of the "aftermath".

Who's hosting your Christmas lunch?

PS Deanna, if you're reading, was it you guys who go feed the homeless every Christmas? I had some very guilty moments driving home seeing people scrounging in the bins...


  1. Merry Christmas!
    Pics are LOVELY. I love you you find ways to keep them out of your hair. Why not put on a plastic glove when you work with meat? Like the ones that they use at the Pnp deli?
    My Mom and her sisters rotate the Christmas lunch. It's usually a bring and share kind of setup - they work out a menu beforehand. I once hosted my in-laws for Christmas. It was stressful for me even though I only made roast potatoes! Imagine I still had to cook? I worked out a menu and outsourced ALL the cooking to them. Best decision EVER.

  2. Merry Christmas. Hope you had a good day and survived hosting. Love the last picture, though my darling C looks like he was not too happy (or was that just this is 4).

    I usually host Christmas lunch/dinner love doing it, therapy for my soul, love cooking but this year decided on a quiet one so it was just us, but of course I still cooked, roast turkey, rice, mashed potatoes, dessert was cookie brownies (yes a combo like that) and plain vanilla cake for my hubby who eats chocolate but does not eat chocolate in anything!!!

  3. Merry Christmas! You have an adorable family.

  4. Anonymous12:50 am

    Gorgeous photos of your lovely family. :)

    Heather (in Scotland)

  5. Oh lol - I roast a chicken almost every sunday :) It is the easiest meal for me - everything in the oven!

    My mom hosted Christmas Eve dinner and then Christmas lunch was Ds aunt and uncle!

    Love the photos!

  6. Beautiful photos...we just got ours too. For the first time ever I am really not happy with how they turned out. Way too many from behind! There are a few I can use at least...I'll just have to do a new shoot sometime next year.


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