Monday, December 16, 2013

"Out of the country"

As you all know, our ex-president died on the 5th Dec.

We had about 15 minutes of a tribute that very next morning which I participated in (and Instagrammed - gosh, do things happen if they're not shared?!) and which was very moving. I was very teary.

And then most of the big corporates, I'm sure, set things up nicely on the Tuesday for the memorial service at the FNB stadium.

My company did too.

There was a 3-hour gap set aside for watching on big screens and those that wanted to go to the stadium had the leeway to go.

E.g my one friend in my old team took her 3 sons to the stadium and there was no issue with ex-boss (of course! this is Mandela!!!).

That was for the rest.

Of course in our team any time spent doing non-billable things is frowned upon greatly.

Do you know all I caught of the 3-hour thing was about 15 minutes while drinking a cup of tea, and then later I insisted that I needed to eat lunch and while I was eating I would be watching (our building is set up nicely for this type of thing).

I am fully aware that other things are important but for goodness sake, this is Mandela and it's once in a lifetime! And I'm in a mixed marriage, which would have been a no-go had he not been freed the previous year.

So I feel like I've been out of the country over the last week.

Like I've read on the blogs about how people have gone to the house to put flowers, and to the square, and I've done nothing.

Not to say I would have done something (I find death a bit...erm... off-putting) but it would have been nice to have had the mental space to at least watch the memorial and grieve in my own way.

Instead, it was a two-pill day because I had morning and afternoon meetings with him.

Onwards and upwards - only 6 working days before the Christmas break.... and I still haven't ordered all the Woolies food. Online shopping is my friend because I can't ABIDE crowds.

Are you on leave yet?
PS Aside from Jeanette who made considerable effort :) did you do anything Mandela-wise?


  1. Oh dear!!!!

    Aside from watch an insane amount of tributes on TV I have not done much Mandela wise. But I will be going to view the 9 foot statue at the union buildings very soon

  2. I am in the United States and I stayed up to watch the memorial service live. I am a white middle aged woman raised in the South and even I grew up knowing what a special man Nelson Mandela was. My country grieves with South Africa.

  3. Glad you are going on leave in 6 days. I am working right through this month with the only leave days I have is on 30 & 31 Dec along with the 6 & 7th of Jan.

  4. LOL glad you read my blog posts ;)
    Glad you're going on leave in a few days time... you must enjoy the rest

  5. I watched parts of the memorial at work. Other than that I mourned his loss in my own way. I got tearful when thinking about all he'd done for our nation and paid my respects thru prayer for him and his family. I found the whole thing about people going to view his body a tad odd personally. I mean yes he was the Father of our Nation BUT I don't think it right that everyone and his dog got to see him lying in his coffin. I believe that is something for family only, but that's just my opinion.


  6. I alsohad a crazy day at work and didn't watch anything. I did catch up on the highlights when I got home. He was an amazing man. Nobody will ever be able to fill his shoes.

  7. Tomorrow is my last day - woot! a 4 hour long pointless workshop for most of it though.

    Most of the shenanigans left me a bit cold to be honest. What a circus! The only tribute that got me a bit teary is the one I shared on fb.

  8. We haven't really done much to be honest - we were travelling, I had the zombie eye thing going on and we are in the middle of nowhere so I followed it on twitter but didn't really do much.

    I will take the kids to the statue at the Union Buildings when we get back though.

  9. I couldn't attend any memorial service but I did watch a lot of the coverage. I was VERY sad. Am going to do a Mandela post either tomorrow or Monday.


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