Monday, December 09, 2013

Project Life pros and cons - July, Sept and Oct

I almost fear writing this because there are so many huge Project Life raving fans but it's kind of lost its glamour for me. It could also be attributed to the Elephant in the Room but I somehow remember having more enjoyment from my month in review albums I did in previous years.

I'm just so glad I only do a couple of monthly pages.

I do like the speed of it and these are neater :)

I like having a record of the year but next year I'll want to mix things up more (maybe buy 2 - 3 more digital album files and use one every month, and then keep switching - because the sameness bores me a bit :))

Anyhow, I checked through the blog and I see I missed July.

Here's July.

and then here's Sept and Oct

Have you been doing a year in review project?
Or better still, have you abandoned any projects this year?


  1. I'm most certainly continuing. I am really considering your idea of printing the cards or buying the smaller packs and adding in the freebies. I loved this set when I started, and enjoy the continuity throughout this year, but I'm over it now. Anyone want leftover Colbalt cards? I'll ship!

    The only thing I've abandoned this year, for the forth year in a row, is my half hearted attempt to tighten my tummy. Maybe I should embrace the flab?

  2. Very pretty. I am not disciplined enough to do these projects :-P


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