Friday, December 13, 2013

Remembering happy!

I have this very OCD (but makes complete sense to me) way of organising my photos month by month.

When they're organised I then move them to different folders - K faves, C faves, monthly together, M faves (these are the weird pics), etc.

Anyway, I used to think this took sweet forever so I'd procrastinate. Til I actually timed myself when I did the Sept pics and... it took an hour. NOTHING!

So now I don't dread it anymore.

I make my tea (tonight it was coffee because I'm KNACKERED) and get on with it. When I was done tonight, I looked through a few others and this one caught my eye.

genuine happiness!

I know I'm not supposed to say this but I can't wait to be genuinely happy again!

On Tuesday I'm starting a new project when 90% of South Africa is on leave and I'll have to bring my A game and my fake smile :)

I'm happy right at this minute because I'm drinking my coffee in my happy Christmas mug and eating home-made biscuits :) while ordering presents on Amazon. Is it just me or doesn't it feel like real money when you're shopping online? :)

What's making you happy right in this moment?


  1. These are all lovely! LOL you would love my organising - I have a folder per month and that's that! One day I will sort it out.

    I am happy just being here with my family!

  2. Ah my friend. I LOVE these pics. Can't wait to see you happy again. Right now the only thing making me happy is the fact that I'm doing NOTHING. I slept most of today away - it was VERY needed. Tomorrow I hope to go out and swim or something but I'll see. Need to get through A LOT of laundry too - my helper comes for the last time this year on Monday so she needs to iron EVERYTHING.

  3. I sort all my photos into photoshoot type and then date order... I cannot stand them being out of time sequence ;)
    And every folder has the date and what is in the folder... like today's in my Personal folder is "2013_12_14 kids and friends" and the other day was "2013_12_12 kids at Mandela square"
    I should really also categorise them though in Lightroom so that I can easily find them... because there are now literally hundreds of folders.
    And yes, have to agree with you about spending money online... it's just far too easy

  4. Just love your happy pic,stunning! And the ones of you on the beach! I look forward to having the old happy M back too, miss her!!!

    What makes me happy is good happy, excited children and mince pies and homemade xmas cake!

  5. Love all these photos, especially the first one. I'm happy cause I only have two days of slog left, then glorius leave till the 6th! And then comes the big job hunt. ;-)

  6. What's making me happy right in this moment? The chocoate I'm eating ;) Love the photo's. Mine are a mess - I need to take some time and sort them out.


    PS-> Not sure if you got my Whatsapps on Saturday? Looks like Kade had that nasty 24 hour tummy bug, vomits and runs - poor child!

  7. Lovely photos Marcia.

  8. I have a folder on my computer labeled photos. They're all dumped in there until I move it to the external hard drive, where they're dumped in yet another fancy folder of chaos and disorder LOL

    Right now I'm grinning as I watch Bacon toddle around the house... practicing his walking skills while pushing a plastic bin that used to have toys in it until he dumped them all over the living room. I can't believe he's so big! He's so proud of himself, smiling like crazy.


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