Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The aftermath

if you could see the lounge...... this is about a 100th of the mess that was
straight after the guests left

Jhb people who enjoy the sunny weather - sorry... today's grey skies and the spitting rain were for me. Totally from God. D and I enjoyed the weather SO much.

We had a great day - church, home, D touched the chicken (!), all the cooking worked out, we spoke to everyone who needed to be spoken to (my parents - it is a BIG deal if we don't speak on Christmas!!) and there was a tremendous excess of gifts (that's a story for another blog post). My father told me his wife, her 3 sisters and her mother all rotate hosting the Christmas lunch so each person only hosts once every 5 years. Suits me just fine :)

Best moment of the day:

I was playing my favourite Christmas CD (The Plain Truth - on itunes) and Connor said, "ooh, Mummy this music makes me feel so happy inside" and D said, "that's because the music is worshipping God"


I love to see my kids "get" these concepts so young. I had to wait til I was, what, 19?

Did you have a good day? (whatever good means for you)


  1. Awwwww Connor a boy after my own very heart. Loved the cooler weather too. Day was just what I wanted quiet day at home after church, napping, eating and spending time with my family

  2. If you ever get the chance, listen to KSBJ or KLOVE radio on internet.
    Glad you're enjoying the weather. Have a good day

  3. I had a DIVINE day. It was too hot here in CT but I suppose I'm used to a hot Christmas - I really am dreaming of a white Christmas.
    Glad your lunch went well. What was on the menu?

  4. We had an awesome day! The kids were all happy with their stash :) I was sad to leave my folks but arriving here reminded me how much this place really is one of my happy places! We have such a lovely house here and the kids are loving being in the sunshine and water!!


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