Sunday, December 08, 2013

The strangest party ever

We went to the strangest party last weekend.

I can't put my finger on a lot of it but together it just added up to a lot of very odd moments.

  • the mother didn't put a date by when people had to RSVP and she handed out invites to both classes about a month in advance. One week later (one week!) we got a reminder with the same invite again to please RSVP. Then the kids lost the invite so I had to get nanny S to find it for me.
  • the kids wanted to go so I RSVPd yes. No response.
  • Incidentally, my one friend told me today she immediately RSVPd no and the mother chased her up too.
  • The invite said for the adults to bring drinks but there would be a braai (BBQ). When we arrived there was no food beyond sweets and chips for the kids, and so I checked with D to make sure I read the invite properly (I had not eaten!). He said I had and after investigating, apparently it looked like a bring and braai.
  • Then we chatted to one set of parents there and I asked if they brought their own meat. They hadn't and told me the invite didn't say to do so. Exactly.

Anyway, the mother also thought I was the photographer.....I told her that I was K and C's mother. The mother was also... how shall I put this without being rude... a complete bimbo. As D said, not really my kind of person :)

That was all "fine" but really, the strange part was none of the kids wanted to play with the birthday girl (even my "friendly" kids) and the parents literally just spoke to their 2 - 3 friends and ignored everyone else. VERY odd indeed.

I don't expect to be waited on but just a few words and a nice to meet you would have been nice.

This week I heard the kids talking about something and i said, "what was that, babies?". They said something about how this girl said all these rude things to them and never even talks to them "normally" (Connor's new word) so I said....

If S never speaks to you and is always rude, why did you say you wanted to go to her party?

Do you know what they said?

"Because she invited us"


I then went over my little spiel again about how we go to parties to CELEBRATE with the birthday girl/ boy and if that child doesn't even like you, then we shouldn't go.

My friend told me today that her girls also say things like this child is not nice, etc, etc. Maybe that's why the mother invited two whole classes?

I can tell you all that if we're invited next year, we will not be going! :)

After about 30 minutes, I started getting very sick from the heat (and not eating) so I took about 50 photos all in all, and kept about 15 - 20.

seeing this thing was the best part of the day
Have you ever been to an odd party?
What happened?


  1. I think I would've left earlier than you did.
    The oddest party the kids were invited to was years ago... the whole family and the child arrived as we were leaving... 30 minutes after the party was supposed to start!

  2. That is very strange!

  3. Ja you get those parties - they just don't make sense. I have done pamper parties that are similar and have witnessed many kids attend who clearly don't actually want to be there or don't get on with the birthday girl/boy - odd!

  4. Love that little sparkle peeking out of K's hat on her ear ;) SO girly! I haven't been to a strange party yet but I am pretty sure one will come up in our lifetime of kids' parties!


  5. Very very very strange!!!

  6. Now this is an odd party. Sorry to hear that the mother and little girl is so rude

  7. The only parties I go to are my grandchildren's and they are usually pretty normal ;-)


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