Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This word of the year malarkey

Julia wrote a very funny (not to her) post about how it seems like choosing a word of the year worked against her because her word was restore and things were not really restored.

Same here.

My word TRUST has challenged me more than you will ever know. And I know that word was exactly right for this season.

Still, I believe in the practice of choosing a word as your guiding principle (and setting goals, but let's not get ahead of ourselves now). Especially after I finished reading "My one word" in September.

I've started praying about a new word for next year and a few words are floating around in my mind. I've even started looking up in the Bible what the Word says about these words (that part's been fun because I have a cool app called Olive Garden so it's click, click, click and you're there - divine!) but I think I'll just "know" closer.

Although all the floating words are along a theme, at least in my mind :)

Back to you.

Are you choosing a word next year?

How has this year's word played out for you?



  1. I don't think I ever stick to a word LOL!

  2. My word this year was simplify. I haven't thought about it yet...but I am sure my word will find me.

  3. I love the word photos!
    I picked treasure, and I don't know that I really committed to it. I might pick one again, maybe each year I'll get better at it.

  4. No, didn't choose a word this year and don't plan to choose one for 2014. I rather have a few bible verses that I keep going back to, to guide me through the year. For 2013 it was Jer 29:11 and Heb 11:1

  5. My word was JOY but I kind of chose it in anger as a bit of a rebellion against all the devastation that seemed to be happening around me. I can't remember having much joy in the past six years since the infertility started to be honest, so it was more of an instruction to the universe than a call to action on my part. But I did make an effort to throw a fortieth for DH and I, and it was worth it. I can't say I've experienced tremendous joy this year, but it's made me start to believe that joy is something that I am allowed to have, even though I am now 80% convinced that it is not in our path to be blessed by parenthood. I saw an interview on Oprah with a woman who walked 1100 miles through the wilderness (to find herself) and she said one of the biggest things she learned was that the sooner she accepted physical pain or anything else along the way that bothered her, the sooner she was able to move forward. And there it was. My word for 2014. ACCEPT. Now I keep coming across it everywhere I look, and the word is only 2 days old!

  6. I reread that post and I realise that I've been VERY hard on myself. Truth is, there WAS Restoration. Just NOT in the areas that I wanted. God kind of just took over and almost like decided where HE wanted Restoration for me. The more I think about it, the more in AWE I am of it. I will be choosing another word of the year. I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be.
    I think that TRUST was the right word for you. I learned so much (just by watching you deal with the most trying thing that you'd had to deal with in YEARS) what it actually means to TRUST and to surrender fully to Him. Thank You.
    I don't really pray about my word. Or maybe I do but not intensely. It usually just kind of finds me. I think I'll do what you do and see what the Bible says about the word that I have in mind.


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