Wednesday, January 01, 2014

{2013 review} the highlights package - part 1

I'm going to try to be quick with this so that I don't feel tempted to go into too much detail.
Huge fail - even this highlights package is very wordy so now there's part 1 and 2.

God and ministry
  1. You know the God parts.
  2. I had big plans to run Love Languages workshops at the church this year. Once I saw what the work situation was like, I just didn't feel able to input into others when my own life was so much of a shell (sounds dramatic but there it is).
  3. I tried to join a cell group TWICE but I realised a few things - I can't do this once every 2 - 3 week thing as I initially thought, it's all or nothing with me, all cell groups are not created equal and I'm spoilt by the time when D and I ran fantastic groups (totally God, we were just very willing vessels). So I spoke to D and we want to start exploring running a cell again in our own home. Things will have changed a lot in the last couple of years but the kids are a bit easier at night these days and it feels like the right time to start dipping our toes back into ministry. Yay! (Oh, you asked about a secret in that post? One of my secrets is I LOVE leading worship in cell groups. There's nothing better than ushering people into the presence of God!)
  4. Last but not least, I used my March "increase" from SARS (for the non-SA readers, in March our minister announces the budget for the year ahead and this always means a very small amount of tax relief) to sponsor a second World Vision child. We now have two, both 4 years old, like K & C. I highly recommend doing this. You won't even miss it yet it makes all the difference in the world to a child in our very own country. I've been sponsoring one World Vision child since 1998 (how old does that make me feel?!) and I honestly don't even think about that money going off. Far better to have impact in real people's lives than to have a new item of clothing, right?

Health and fitness
  1. I am a few kilos lighter than I was this time last year. I joined Weigh-Less in March and stayed til the end of November. Lost 4 kilos in that time. By now I've probably added another one with all the Christmas mince pies....basically in 2014, I have to lose the last 2 - 3.
  2. I realised (sadly) that despite my stellar self-discipline in most other areas of my life, I just don't have it together in this area without paying for accountability.
  3. I need my lovely (21 year old!!!!) personal trainer to kick my butt and make me tone and strengthen my muscles. I'm pleased I managed to stick through it... kind-of... through all the nonsense at work although I did cancel a couple of times when I was just too emotionally depleted (when I would cry if someone genuinely asked me "how are you, marcia?").
  4. Zumba has been great - something that's really worked is that Saturday morning gym is a mother-son date and I LOVE THAT. And then the other two started joining us around Sept-Oct, so it's now a family tradition. I dance my heart out and I'm FINISHED after that but always so grateful that my body can still dance like that... and even kick teenage butt!

  1. Hmmm. The kids had an easy transition to school but I will not be totally happy til Connor is sorted. He has not had an easy time this year and the reason we haven't taken them out is Kendra was sooooooo happy with her teacher.
  2. This year there is an even stricter teacher and I just know they're going to put him with her. If that happens, we will have to take them out. I can't have two years in a row like this and a boy hating school at this young age. The school is very non-negotiable with their rules that twins must be separated. There are two other sets of twins in their classes, by the way. I don't know if it makes a difference but they are both same gender twins.
  3. D and I have been having regular date nights on the couch, and date afternoons once a month when Nanny S babysits. We already set some goals for next year at our date on Sat and have both already read one of the books we wanted to read together.
Read all about that here - hugely successful year

How were these areas of your life in 2013?

Part two to follow tomorrow!


  1. A wonderful year in review post. Sometimes I wish I can put my life in neat little boxes that don't touch ea h other.

  2. God and Ministry - interesting. I wonder if I should blog about it?
    Health and Fitness - Area of health EXCELLENT after July. Fitness - not so much. I want to lose all the weight first before I do hardcore exercise. I have done gentle exercise like swimming and walking just to move.
    Family - extremely challenging. Between MIL and my BF and our kids it wasn't an easy year. Am having to go back to the drawing board. There's not been many date nights due to lack of baby sitting and my BF's workaholic tendencies. About 2 months ago I made a conscious decision to accept him for who he is. This was BIG. And hard. But I'm happier for it.

  3. Love how you break down all areas of your life. It wasn't a great year for us, but it had its good moments and that is what I choose to take with me from 2013.

  4. I think it's great that you use a PT to help you with your fitness and to stay accountable. Understandable that you have cancelled when you felt emotional. As a woman I get it and will understand when a female client let me know she wants to cancel due to emotions. We women just need some time "off" when it comes to emotions.
    Except for the things at work, I think you had a great year. God have blessed you in 2013.
    Keep well my friend.


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