Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 word of the year - SHINE

I started being attracted to shiny things the last month or so which is very unusual for me. I'm not a shiny girl at all, I don't have any bling or sequinny-type clothes, etc.

Goodness, I even selected a t-shirt with GLITTER for a work function. Me - glitter!

I initially thought I was just moving with a trend (is it even a trend?) but one day something just dropped into my heart, "it's your time to shine" and I kind-of dismissed the thought but I still carried on buying shiny things.


I thought I might want to start praying and see if this may be God?

So I did and one day while cleaning my rings with those jewellery cloths, I felt God say that just as I was rubbing away the dirt from my rings, making them shine, so He has been rubbing away some of my edges, ready for the next phase of making me shine.



Some thoughts on this word and how I see it playing out in my life over this year:

  1. first of all, it's a very active verb (I like verbs because I'm a take action kind of girl)
  2. God polishing me to shine means all this nonsense this year hasn't been totally useless, right?
  3. Shining for Jesus (shine, Jesus, shine anyone?) - reflecting His glory (I love that some of you guessed reflect too)
  4. When I was unravelling 2013 yesterday, I wrote down some things like "I will no longer apologise for being me. I'm an extrovert and there's nothing wrong with that" (very odd because there's all this business going on about introverts finally finding their place after Susan Cain released "Quiet"). The truth is that this year I went into a shell after being unaccepted for who I am and being constantly told I'm too loud and I talk too much. No wonder it's time to come out and let the real me shine again.
  5. And of course, work. I WILL shine again like the star I am, whether it's at my current company or a new one, but that is a non-negotiable. I have written a page of my core desired feelings for any role I may get into, a proper list of job requirements and another list of things I don't want. All worked on, prayed over and very clear in my mind.
I didn't even know this hand cream said this - it was inside this shiny gold bag...

Yes, I feel hope for this year ahead.

This year I want to reflect on my word every month when I write my goals so if I forget, will someone please remind me?

And then for those of you who also have "words" for the year, please also write a post or leave a comment but let's keep each other accountable for living out our words this year.
new iphone cover

What is your word for the year?

PS even if I've commented on your post, please write your word here again so I can find them in one place (can we add bossy to my words? :)).

the picture doesn't show properly but those lines are silvery and shiny
this is a better photo of salt dishes, I believe they're called. I call them paperclip and binder clip holders :) The blue one is holding my rings.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your word. Am thinking now of that Shine like a star song. Do you know it? Will send it now-now. After your 2013, I think that SHINE is the perfect word for you and my friend, you are sooooooo going to shine in 2014,
    My word is FEARLESS (in capitals at all times) and I blogged about it here:

  2. Love your word for the year. Mine is MOVE! Very action-y too! Wishing for an amazing 2014 for you!

  3. I love it. I think it is your year to shine - you did the hardwork last year - now you need to sparkle!!

  4. I think shine is perfect for you after this last year! And I know you'll embrace it and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    Mine is enhance.

  5. Shine is perfect for you. Mine is "eucharisteo" the Greek word that has many meanings. Grace, thanksgiving and joy. I am counting gifts this I am also holding myself accountable.

  6. Wonderful word! I can just see how it will work for you. Mine is "brave" because I know I will have to be very brave this year. its going to be a tough one but we will make the best of it


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