Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bryan Adams, and how we maximise our concert experience

Apparently this was the 7th time Bryan Adams has been out to South Africa. I'm not quite sure where I was for times 1 - 6 but nevertheless, I'm SOOOOO glad we got to go this time.

The concert was BEYOND fabulous. Is there anything better than live music?!

We had fantastic seats - raised section but straight across from him - and we had decent people all around us.

D bought the Bare Bones CD and had been listening to prepare himself. Normally I will too so that it's more fun to sing along but this time I did nothing. We listened to a CD on the way there, on and off, while listening to the iphone lady direct us.

(I'm very scared of getting lost on the highways!)

He is amazing. Such a good voice and so good on that guitar!

I'm always so inspired by talented people and you know how I love to see people expressing their passion.

Love it!

I also unashamedly enjoy soppy love songs of which there were plenty. D asked me why I loved his so much when I make puking motions at Celine Dion other people singing love songs.

And I think it's the voice. That lovely raspy voice singing a love song - yes please!

I kind of love how there's almost nothing in these photos

Anyway, so here's what we do. After the concert, we play those CDs for a good week or two afterwards so altogether we have about a month of whichever artist it was. :)

My favourite songs that he did were a Kris Kristofferson one actually (I don't know the name but it was impromptu) and then "I still miss you...a little bit" and of course, Straight from the heart!

Do you have the Bare Bones CD? Which is your favourite Bryan Adams song? Have you seen him in concert?

PS I would definitely go see him again!

PS Lynette, happy birthday for yesterday! I got on FB so late it was already the next day. Belated but still very sincere love sent your way! XXX


  1. My favourite has to be heaven! Yes I agree it's the raspy voice there's just something about a manly sounding man singing a love ballad!

  2. I think I might have been at his first concert. It was at the Lost City and what I remember most is that about halfway through he disappeared from stage and then popped out in the middle of the crowd and did the rest of the show from there.

  3. I am not a lover of big concert spaces but do love live music. And some Bryan Adams songs. He does have a great voice

  4. I love Bryan Adams!!!! I have actually never been to a concert before - the crowds put me off. I don't have CD's anymore - I listen to music online now - my taste changes daily and often I like one song here and there but rarely all the songs.

  5. Oooh as you know I LOVE concerts. Am thinking of doing Carlos Santana at the end of Feb but it's soooooo expensive!
    We do EXACTLY what you do - listen to the CD a few weeks beforehand and also a few weeks after the concert. I always hear about Bryan Adams coming to CT so I know that he's been here before. I actually used to like him - however I kind of lost track of him after the Summer of 69 stuff and the Please Forgive Me and all of those. I LOVED that collaboration that he did with Sting and Rod Stewart. I think I will have to get that Bare Bones CD so I can catch up!

  6. We have just got back from the show and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. My goodness that voice. So raspy and sexy and ooh la la! Am going to get the CD for sure. So glad we saw him live, and yes, I have no idea how I missed him the last 6 times!

  7. My favourite Bryan Adams song - "So tell me have you ever really, really really ever loved a woman.." My second favourite is Lets make a night to remember."


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