Saturday, January 25, 2014

Everyday moments 2

Christmas cards from our special friends!

and some Project Life cards from Mandy :) Thanks again!

my friend, Nat's gorrrrrgeous kitchen island. I'm in love with it.

also in love with this wallpaper. I also loved the way the hats looked on the hatstand

my rosette necklace on my bedside table

all eyes!

magnificent sunset outside the house one night...

and this is how I took the previous pic to get some height

hiding away inside the towel rack... with Friday

a few treasured pieces of art. I strongly encouraged the kids to go through their boxes and choose some favourites so the boxes are empty for the year ahead. It was hard going with Kendra

the morning we left for Ballito... after dropping the kids at school, I came back to read in this chair :)

Then D said, "you'd better take a pic of your study too since it's never been this clean" :)

does look nice and empty, right?
I must say, I'm loving this series where I share these bits of randomness.

Are you enjoying it too?


  1. I am enjoying it too. :-)

    1. Just occurred to me - that carpet is being replaced tomorrow. YAY!

  2. I second the randomness love! That island is amazing.

  3. Love love the randomness

  4. I love the color of that fold down table in the last photo and the basket drawers!


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