Saturday, January 04, 2014

Everyday moments 1

gosh, I love good light! This is at about 11 am in the morning
gift from a client - I love it! The pink (shiny) pen is nearly done; I've already used it so much
Kendra asked for nail polish for Christmas
I don't know who enjoys this more - D or Connor - and don't worry, I sorted out that messy toy area behind them
are you hyperventilating? I was... but D is right there #thisisfour
finished 20 physical books last year - this was the last one
Christmas presents from my mother - see the gift tags? I love that she uses the things "the kids" send her
for you, Cat!

this boy is into gardening (D and I are not, and kill anything). He wanted to stay home while we all went out so he could garden with Edson! I had to say "no, baby, Edson has a lot of work to do today but you can garden with him next week"
I love the lines...
and Wet Wet Wet


  1. I LOVE the pic of them standing on the bars. Kendra looks so tall!
    Have decided to get rid of my physical books. Going to get them electronically instead. That way I know I'm DEFINITELY going to read them. Am just holding onto things like dictionaries and certain NF reads.
    ps...I FINALLY understand your obsession with light. My pics look positively crap if the light is terrible.

  2. My boys are SO obsessed with Legos right now. I know the girls even still play with them some- definitely a toy that has staying power!

  3. Beautiful photos. Love the one of Kendra painting nails.

  4. A & M requested Legos for Christmas...I was secretly pretty excited about that! : ) We haven't had a chance to bring them out much yet, but I'm ready to get my hands on them.

    Love the pictures...especially the climbing on the fence one!


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