Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food, baking and recipes

So I've just written down all the new recipes I tried last year.

All 32 of them.

I think there may be one or two that I can't remember but the point is this was a good project - I got to try lots of things and play around in the kitchen a bit.

I've just made a new Pinterest board called my virtual recipe book. This is going to be the place for anything I've tried, is easy and we love enough to keep in our regular rotation.

Some of the favourites from last year:

  1. Korean Beef
  2. Flatbread
  3. Indonesian chicken curry
(first two are on that Pinterest board, last one is here. By the way, I have comments next to some of the recipes, esp for the South Africans, specific things that are in our shops, etc.)

Things I need to do differently this year:
Try more sweet things :) I only had 10 on my list
Be more strategic and not just go "hmmm, let's see if I have all the ingredients for x recipe"

How am I doing so far?

I've tried 1 new recipe this year.

1. Ham, butternut and tomato pasta

(using up the leftover gammon ham, butternut because that's all the veg in the freezer that looked good to me - I don't eat peas!)

No specific recipe but the ingredients are:

Onion, garlic, gammon ham (any ham will do), 2 cans of tomato, sugar, salt, garlic and herb seasoning (Ina Paarman). I cooked about 200g butternut at 100% power in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes, and then added it to the sauce. Once I serve the kids and D, I add some chili flakes to my bowl. (pasta is obviously cooked separately!)

Big hit - everyone loved it. Again, Connor wanted me to keep more for them so I forfeited the leftovers for my lunch the next day so they could have it on another day.

(and because I'm not a food blogger, no food photos but this is the view from our flat...)

Do you have any baking/ cooking/ food projects planned for this year?

PS meals here so far...
  1. pasta with a tomato/ mushroom sauce and cheese on top, salad and garlic bread
  2. stirfried beef with coleslaw mix, mushrooms and onions, with rice


  1. I have a whole new way of eating planned for this year! Dean and I are trying out Tim Noake's LCHF way of eating - his recipe book The Real Meal Revolution has some stunning recipes in it. Basically no carbs - aside from the ones he gives you recipes to - using something called Psyllium Husks. Am still 'getting into it' but so far so good. 10 days in and 4 kgs down. Plus feeling a load more energetic and not at all bloated! Will keep you posted :)

    PS - anything with tomato is good for me!

    Have an AWESOME holiday :)

  2. The reason I love pastas (other than the fact that they are the quickest things to make on any day) is that my children go absolutely crazy for any kind of macaroni/spaghetti pasta-rish dish. Shame, wait until they find out how bad carbs are hahaha.. so I know regardless of what I serve with said pasta - it will be a winner. Will try this one of yours one soon soon! That view is amazing!! Hope you're having a ball! x

  3. I don't really have any plans as such but last year I did try a lot of new recipes so will just keep on doing that :)

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  5. Okay, lets try again. Removed the other comment was testing if it is showing.
    I try new recipes every week due to the fact that with the ingredients and food choices available to me regarding my bodybuilding goal, are limited, I need to experiment daily with new recipes to keep my eats interesting to keep going. This morning I posted a photo on Facebook of said experimental breakfast recipe.
    I hope you have so much fun with baking this coming year.

  6. Not really planning wild things for the year, but I'll definitely try things if they jump out at me.

  7. I don't like cooking or baking no plans here.

  8. S you know I HATE cooking BUT, since I started WL again I've been combining it with some of the principles of Paleo eating. Must actually blog about this but basically I no longer eat ANY starchy carbs or things that have been produced in a factory. My food must be as fresh and whole and as pure and as unprocessed and as preservative free as possible.
    This has gone well for me (I’ve lost 12kg since I started WL last year and I have THE WORLD of energy) and I’m going to continue with it. The food part is easy - lots of fresh veg and protein, but the condiments that I usually enjoy are a problem. So. This year I want to experiment and make my own Mayonnaise – because I REALLY miss it. I also want to attempt a paleo-friendly chutney – I’m not currently eating any chutney it because it has WAY TOO MUCH sugar. I also want to make things like almond butter (very easy – you basically just blend nuts) and things like almond milk (perfect for me because my body doesn’t tolerate dairy very well) and things like that banana that you blend into a certain consistency so you can have ice-cream. Which means that I need to buy a decent blender ASAP, which in my world is at the end of February. Sigh. I hate when I have a plan and I can’t do something about it IMMEDIATELY.


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