Friday, January 10, 2014

{Friendship Friday} A good year so far

Gosh, it's been a good year for friendship so far!

Last Friday I met Sam for a late breakfast (I said "are you going to eat something?" and she said, "of course I am - I'm pregnant" - perfect!) and I forgot to take photos as always because we were talking too much (is there a thing as talking too much?).

Then we met Mrs FF straight after that for lunch. And most importantly, met the lovely little Miss K. I don't know how F's doing it with a broken ankle (strained/ broken, same difference!)!!!

We then had a little half-birthday playdate with Roz and the girls last Sat. All the kids played together so nicely - it's wonderful to see and best of all, we could actually relax.

That's 3 friend dates.

Today we had the boss's farewell lunch (YES!) and when I got there, I realised it was literally around the corner from another friend's house so I phoned and left a message that I was in the area and if it would suit, would like to pop in.

I don't usually pop in!

But it all worked out - I only waited about 10 minutes for her to arrive as she was out - and we spent a good 90 minutes catching up!

And then tomorrow Robyn and her kids are coming over. I can't wait. I've actually prepared things for the kids to do.

So look at that - 5 friend dates and my goal is only 25 for the year.

I was thinking about why it is that I prioritise these things and also prioritise doing nice things for my friends. I suppose it's because I want to show in word AND deed that I do care deeply about the friendships. This is my way to make my friendships shine.

As for this friend, please pray - she's having kidney stone trouble. I've never suffered from kidney stones but it sounds awful!

Have you set any friendship goals for 2014? 

If not, I'd like to encourage you to CONNECT more in 2014, whatever that looks like for you.

Don't just be a voyeur on FB - instead, leave encouraging comments and be a thoughtful and considerate friend. I've had so many conversations just this week where people have said to me they're not on FB anymore because they find it empty and meaningless. And I agree - it can be. But use the tool and be intentional about your friendships.

Don't simply click like on FB/Instagram - write why you like the status or photo. Use the time to leave a word or two to encourage your friends. I started this little habit years and years ago - I set a goal everytime I go on FB - to connect with at least 6 people (that means leaving decent comments, not "great!", messaging privately, writing nice birthday messages, praying and telling people I'm praying for them, etc.).

Where is all this coming from? God!

(off my soapbox now)
PS I haven't even looked through any January photos - I had a quick squiz to get these two - because I've been obsessed with getting 2013 wrapped up, printed, backed up and off my computer. I do love a clean slate!


  1. Lesley1:06 am

    Just had to say HOW Beautiful Mrs FF's baby is, totally gorgeous! Well done on so many friends dates already. x

    1. Awwww thank you Lesley

  2. OMG that baby is absolutely adorable! Those cheeks!

    I often will go through FB or instagram on my phone, click like, and want to go back and comment when I'm on my computer and never see it again :(

  3. 5 dates, talk about starting the year with a bang.

    I don't have a set goal but I am definitely making more effort than I did in the past. Will take stock mid year to see how I am doing.

    Have a great weekend ahead xxx

  4. Well done you! I haven't had ANY friend dates for 2014 yet. Actually I had one. With Laura at the beach. It was stunning! I like how give practical ideas on HOW to connect. Am definitely going to be taking up one or two of those things that I don't already do. I should set some friend goals too!
    I think I should come up to Jhb this year to snuggle with K. Isn't she just divine? I also don't know how Mrs FF does it with her ankle. Enjoy your time with Robyn today! I am off to the bank and then if I can I'll squeeze in a quick swim.

  5. It's not too late to up that goal of 25! I love that these dates are breathing some life back into you! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. :) love these goals...I haven't been that purposeful, but I do have some unspoken friend goals. :) mostly b/c of you, I said yes to several things last year that I wouldn't have otherwise...and they have developed into fun activities. this year, i hope to initiate more friend things. AND more things with B. We haven't been as thoughtful about that, and I think that we are feeling that somewhat.

    i've not been a fb/instragram lurker so much as just disconnected. :) trying to reconnect again. i think i just couldn't take certain people. more on that later!!

  7. My last friend date was with Cat just before New Year. Isn't FF's baba gorgeous.

  8. What a stunning picture of you and F and K!!! Love it so much! And bravo on so many wonderful connections! :) :)

  9. Wow! You've been busy. ;-)

    Thank you Marcia.

  10. I am so going to see more friends this year! And is that little princess not the cutest baby

  11. You are so right, I am pretty bad with keeping in touch with ANYONE.. I need to make a more concerted effort to build friendship bridges this year. We had a lovely time at yours, kids are STILL using their books, although the stickers are done and even though we have pads FULL of stickers, they are not the same as yours and they don't like my stickers any more. Sigh...

    ps: I NEEED to cuddle baby K!


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