Friday, January 31, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Robyn and the munchkins

Robyn and I first met in person on 30 Sept. I know that's the date because I remember being glad we could still squeeze it into the month despite a slight postponement to the original plan.

Then we tried to get the families together and that was impossible at the end of the year so I suggested we schedule it for this year.

Well, plan was set for a few weekends ago and they came over for lunch and a playdate.

There were a few episodes of not sharing and such.... but they eventually sorted it all out and by the end of the afternoon, were firm friends. As firm as 3 and 4-year-olds can be, that is.

Robyn's kids are SO well-mannered. I was chatting to D about L the other night and he said, "OHHHH, the well-mannered boy" so if that's the thing that sticks out, then you know. Miss H held her own with the older kids all too well and I do love a kid with some sass. She said to me, "no thanks, I don't want anything to drink, but I do want FOOD!" That's it, honey, you ask for what you want.

It was a delight to have them over and I can't wait to do it again.

my new dress and... gorgeous light!

You can read Robyn's version of the events here.

Funny, I have never invited kids over from the kids' classes but I do invite my friends and their kids over. Hmmm.

Do you invite kids over to play?


  1. I so love that last picture.

    LOL at H asking for food. A girl after my own heart. Why have a drink if what you really want is food!

  2. Nice pictures, very lovely and cute. Thank you for sharing your blog. I like reading it.

  3. You know what...your kids are fantastic if you consider how much photos you take of them...and they still humour you ;-)

  4. LOL I have to agree with Lynette :)

    Yip we invite friends from school over - with the older kids but I am considering doing it with Jack - he loves one little girl in his class and I like her mom so may see if we can organise something but not at our house - we don't have enough space.

  5. Joshua does. I don't for Joel. I have done it before and it went badly. So I think I may try again and work on what didn't go so well the last time. Nice pics.

  6. So cute!
    We invite a bunch of school friends every year for the birthday circus, but so far none have actually ever turned up.

  7. Oh I love the pics! Stunning! We have for A but not yet for the boys although in their old school we did

  8. I love that last pic of the 4 of them! We have had a play date at ours with one school friend and it went well. This is our first year inviting 6 school friends to Liam's birthday party. So far, only two parents have rsvp'd positively. So let's see! I don't try to build friendships..they must do that themselves at school, so I don't force the play date thing. After all, the beauty of having 2 (or more kids) close in age, is that they play with EACH other and don't really need "friends" until much later. But if they've really taken a liking to a little friend, then I don't mind a play date.


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