Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Great kid activity in Jhb - Sci-Bono Museum

If I say so myself, this was a great idea to take the kids to Sci-Bono on the 2nd:

  1. it was a dreadfully hot day so being inside an airconditioned building was divine
  2. it cost us R40 for the 4 of us - I still don't know how since the website says it's R35 per adult.... but I double-checked with the cashier and she assured me that was correct
  3. the kids were CAPTIVATED with all the displays and I must admit, my science nerd side came out fully to play. It was glorious for both kids and adults
  4. there's nothing they can break!!!! 
  5. we spent two hours there and still didn't get to even half of it (and in some sections, we kind of dragged them along to get them moving - puzzles :))
If you haven't yet been, do yourself a favour and go. Your kids will have a ball and so will you!

I loved this one!

D was the fastest reactor of all of us

D and I rocked this thing... okay, we didn't entirely follow instructions because you're not supposed to talk but that's part of our awesomeness!

leaving the city
Have you been to Sci-Bono yet?


  1. How fun! We have a 'please touch' children's museum that's not too far away that I've wanted to bring the kids to- I think the twins are a good age :)

  2. Looks like a fantastic outing. I have wanted to take N there since the first time I saw it on Jeanette's blog - but I thought I'd wait till she was a bit older.

  3. It is on my list of things we want to do

  4. Oh so glad to read this. I tweeted Sci-Bono last year sometime asking if this place was suitable for 3/4 year old's and didn't get a response. Will put it on our to-visit list!


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