Monday, January 13, 2014


Often I just want to click to test light, etc. and I end up really loving the image, like this one

Speaking about spending, some very boring but necessary spending happened today.

Best I stop writing about how I'm in a spendy mood because the plumber had to come (am I the only one whose people don't tell her when toilets have been leaking for awhile.....) and the gate motor also stopped working.

The gate motor guy was so funny - a foreigner who doesn't understand the F word is inappropriate with clients. Because when he was explaining to me why this thing keeps needing looking at, he kept saying the motor is F'd up because our gardener keeps turning it off when he works near the pool (that sentence sounds much more luxurious than it is - I would be picturing Desperate Housewives....). Nanny S and I just kept exchanging meaningful glances!

Can you guess who I was with recently who loves chili?

I'm on a course tomorrow and then the REAL holiday starts. And Sam's baby will be born!

My study is a HOT MESS - the kids' clothes are all over my (green) table (the one I take photos on...), and my papers that are necessary for holidays are on my couch. Tomorrow D has to pack it all (he's a genius at packing nicely - I just toss in and hope for the best) and weigh the thing.

We're flying with K so only allowed 20 kg luggage. I harboured hopes of D and I sharing and the kids sharing a suitcase. The kids will share but I'm not sure about D and me.

One thing I'm soooo pleased about is the Kindle. Best purchase ever (after my big camera!). So I'm reading physical books til I leave.... and then it's "buy with one-click" time. I do have two fiction waiting for me... and Daring Greatly, and Happier at Home.

Do you know I've had Happier at Home on my wish list for sweet forever? Sadly, people bypassed that one so I had to give myself a little new year's pressie (I told you, Spendy McSpenderson!).

What are you reading at the moment?
Which books are you looking forward to reading this year?

Look up! You never know what you'll see :)


  1. Chili, it has to be the lovely Miss Robyn!!!! After I wrote this hmmm I think I know (cough cough)

    Love the picture of the food looks very food blogger - ish!

    I'm the packer in my house though I tend to over pack, who knows when you'll need that extra (read 4th) pair of shoe even though you are going away for 2 days - SIGH

    I don't foresee much reading in my year but most of my reading are baby related both online and in paper books.

  2. I loved Happier at Home, but The Happiness Project was still the best, I think.

    I bought myself a new printer last week. I didn't get anything for Christmas, so I decided it was a holiday present. ;) I'm not totally in love with the quality of photo printing, though. I'm having prints done tomorrow at the pharmacy, so that I can take them to the store and compare with what comes off my printer. I don't know if something is amiss, or if this is as good as it gets with a home printer (without spending a ton of money).

    Oh, I did find two punches for $1 EACH at the dollar store -- the brand I love from the craft store, that usually cost about $15 EACH. SCORE!

    I still haven't made the Kindle / Nook plunge. I thought hard about it...and maybe I will if I start traveling for work in a year or so...but I decided if I wanted to try, I could use the girls' iPads for a test run.

    I am engrossed in the latest John Grisham novel, a present from my dad. It's a once-a-year indulgence, for sure!

    ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY, Marcia!!! Hugs to you all!!!

  3. ooh, enjoy your holiday! I'm not sure about reading Happier at Home. I didn't love The Happiness Project (I know, I'm the only one). I just didn't love her "voice" and writing style, if that makes sense, though I did enjoy the ideas.

    The Kindle is great (and dangerous). We bought T one for Christmas and she loves it, of course, but I've disabled purchasing so she can't buy anything herself. (I hope!)

  4. I went on a downloading spree the other day, I'm so excited to read so many things this year! I put them on my list-

  5. I can hear your excitement about the holiday! Enjoy! I am busy with This Charming Man - Marian Keyes - a very thick read but truly hooked into it.And slugging though the last of the Langani trilogy book (the last one)

  6. We don't travel light. I can't even share a suitcase with myself! ;-)
    Having a little giggle at your f-bombing gate guy.

  7. Enjoy the holiday. I hope it's a great one :)

  8. Only on weekends away will I be able to share a suitcase. You must have a stunning time at the coast and come back well rested. I have just finished You before Me by Jojo Moyes and have moved onto The girl you left behind also by Jojo Moyes.

  9. Hey, we all shared a suitcase when we went on our mini-break in December. I was VERY proud. I just started The Bone Collector - my first Jeffery Deaver and it's going a bit over my head. Am trying to stick with it though. Mmmm...not sure what I’m looking forward to reading to be honest. I always find that the ones that I REALLY want to read are more hype than anything. I guess I’ll just play it by ear. Actually I would like to read that Introverts book by Susan Cain. And I want to read a Brene Brown. Can you believe that I STILL haven’t gotten around to buying a Brene Brown?

  10. ps...I am having a serious laugh at your f-bomb guy.

  11. Well I told you how we stuffed two bicycles, suit cases, xmas pressies, toys, etc ALL into the little boot of my Polo when we went down to Durbs!! This year I am going to get back into my reading.. I've downloaded a whole lot of books by Beth Moore, which a friend recommended, so I will start there.


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