Monday, January 27, 2014

{Messy Monday} Cooling off

I got this idea from my friend, Roz, who lets her girls cool off in one of those plastic clam shells. Water, a few bath toys and they're happy! We now do this regularly in the back garden - it's safe, I can keep an eye right out the kitchen and almost no schlep compared to the pool in the front. As you know, I'm a big believer in keeping things simple.

This was such a hot day that it was still boiling hot at about 4:30 pm so we filled the little frog (I bought it at Mr P Home about 3 years ago on sale for R20) with water and let them at it. They play in there happily for 30 - 60 minutes at a time, or until a fight breaks out. We're quite hardcore so if I said I'm taking you out if I hear you fighting again, that's what happens. Much wailing and knashing of teeth of course, but there it is.

yoghurt pops

telling each other secrets

more secrets - they even said "don't tell Mummy!!!"
How do you like to cool your kids off?


  1. These are such lovely photos :))

  2. Very cute - you'll need a bigger frog one of these days. ;-)

    If we happen to be at my parents we obviously go for a swim, if we're home we water the garden and innevitable Nicola and/or myself gets an impromptu hose down while we're at it.

  3. I like that you did this for the children. Now that our son and daughter is too big for the clam, we use the house pipe and spray them with the water while they run in the garden. This way the drops can fall on the grass and some plants :)

  4. We do the sprinkler system run in the garden. I do wish for a pool this year - so very very much (taking into account we have 3 water safe kids)

  5. We have a little pool that the twins play in, and our back yard is fenced so I can just send them out there (usually with a big sister). We also let them play in the sprinkler sometimes. They're such boys though that they tend to start digging and make lots of mud with the water. OH and they have a water table too! It's messy here when it's warm out LOL

  6. I LOVE the secrets pic! We go to the beach or if I'm alone then with them then we go to the public pools. Other times we put on the sprinkler and let them have a bit of a run-through.

  7. Mine love the pool. Can't keep them out of it! Our new thing is the sprinklers.. with Byron not there, taking the net on and off is such a schlep for me, so I put the irrigation system on rather and let them run through that! Such lovely pics xx

  8. These are such beautiful them all.

  9. Nice! Such beautiful pictures! I hope some of these made the project life cut!

    And the hats? Where are they from? I need something similar for K


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