Monday, January 20, 2014

So, Ballito parent-child dates

I have so much to say but I want to go read!!!

It looks like this most of the time. "Better" weather than last year, according to D. Of course that's relative - I happen to LOVE the grey skies we had on Saturday.

Last night I got SO excited when it started raining thinking it might continue raining this morning but no, it was gorgeous blue skies as normal.

You see, I brought the gum boots and umbrellas with us and I'd really like to use those for a little photo shoot to chase the kids on the beach.

Anyway, on Sat night we were discussing church and D said to me, "so what are we going to do after church tomorrow?" and thinking it was our usual 2-hour service instead of the coastal 1-hour, I said, "well, it'll be lunch time so we can just come back for lunch".

Kendra shouts from wherever she was. "NO, it's ICE-CREAM time!"

Perfect timing from the little one :)

this one was taken on our evening walk :)

So I suggested she and D go for a father-daughter date and Connor and I go for a mother-son date. And everyone was very happy with that. They went for ice-cream.

I made a big deal out of letting him choose what to do and so we went on a photowalk. I brought my Sony Cybershot with us to test how they handle a little camera and if they're exhibiting responsibility.... so I can finally get them cameras for their birthdays this year.

and he did great!

When K and D got home (our home in Ballito as the kids say), K had some chocolate smears on her face but then D showed me phone pics and the eating of it was much, MUCH messier. They'd tried to clean her up a little before bringing her home!

I haven't been posting these holiday photos because I'm obsessed with doing them in date order but then I realised that if I don't get my "must have" photos, it'll be my own fault for not looking through them all properly on the PC, not just back of the camera.

So that's what will be happening henceforth!

This cat lives in the complex. As we drove in today, Kendra says, "OH! it's my favourite cat in the whole world!" (she only knows two - this one and Granny's one) PS I hate cats :)

I must say, these sorts of Mondays beat the other ones back in Jhb hands down :)

Last night I was a bit restless (maybe subconscious Sunday night blues?) and so today I tackled some job stuff.

I've just finished working through the first draft from the CV lady (resume lady) and I now know why these people usually charge a lot - because it's dead boring, even for me, to read through my old jobs and write about what I did in an interesting way. Yech!

Anyway, whatever it takes. Right?

How are you? How was your Monday?


  1. I share similar sentiments about cats! The pictures you've put up so far are all lovely. Monday going well heavy rain in the capital! Aside from that grrrr sick hubby and I know now why I don't like doing home affairs related stuff 😒👎

  2.'s so beautiful down there. :-)
    I love the one with Kendra, and also the one with the two of them and the cat.

  3. How lovely is K's hair looking :) She is a proper little girl now!!

    My Monday was ok - wasn't as productive as it could have been but it was good.

  4. Love your photos...and the way Kendra's hair curl. There seem to be loads of cats all around the south coast and we found them even in restaurants when we were there last year.

  5. Oh K's hair is getting so long- I miss having a girl young enough to still let me do their hair :)

  6. The pic of Kendra is my favourite. Her hair is getting so long! Looks like you are having a lovely holiday. I DO love swimming in grey sky weather. In CT it usually means that the beaches are not crowded which is right up my alley.


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