Sunday, January 05, 2014

The 12 days of holiday and... memory-keeping for the year ahead

Well, friends, I'm pleased to say I got every last thing done on my to-do list.

I've rested enough, read enough (actually, can one ever read enough?), taken way too many photos, seen lots of friends, played with the babies and had 3 dates with D.

I think this trick (mind game) worked well for me.

Usually I think of it as # leave days; this time I thought of it as # days out of office. So instead of feeling like the holiday was short (only 5 working days off), it felt lovely and restful (12 days!).

I have slipped into LOTS of bad habits though like going to bed at 1 am every night.... and waking up late.... my productivity soars when I play to my night owl tendencies but (so very) unfortunately, the SA corporate world is not as evolved yet.

By the way, I realised this afternoon we never spoke about the wrap-up to my goals.

I got 88% of my December goals done.

I tallied up my averages and .... my average over the year was 89%. So an awesome year of goals and goal-setting.


I still haven't set specific January goals yet.... but I will do so this week.

I finished my Project Life this afternoon and after I hit publish, I need to tidy up the mess - sort out the cards into their containers again because tomorrow I fetch my Cobalt cards from the post office - yay!

In 2013 I actually took a photo a day and saved it in an app called Project 365. What does one actually do with these things now? Jeanette? Anyone? Good ideas for all the iphone memories?

I'm continuing this year but I need to upload last year's stuff somewhere???? because when the calendar flipped to January, I saw last year's pics there!


That's all I'm doing - the same as last year. Instagram and my Mini Album for Project Life (kiwi this time).

What are you doing in terms of memory keeping?

Speaking of memory keeping, these two little ladies are FIVE today. Gosh! In this photo, they're 3 and a half. Where does the time go? A and B, happy birthday to both of you!


  1. I had my favorite instagram pics printed and they're hanging in my dining room. I want to print out some more current ones and rotate them out. I used this company:
    They have lots of ideas, little books, etc.

  2. I was so relaxed this morning after my little break from the office that i almost didn't recognise the COO when he came round to shake hands. ;-)

  3. No idea what I'm going to do about memory keeping - must still think about the format that it will take but I DO know that I will be doing lots of picture printing. My kids and everyone else that I know STILL enjoy looking at old-fashioned photo albums. Am going back to that.
    Am sure you can have the 365 printed and bound into a glossy-type book?

  4. I'd do a little book with the photos.
    It would probably be better for you to keep them on Flickr or G+... you can create private albums there if you don't want to share them.
    There's no way I'm doing one again... although I have been toying with the 100 Happy Days meme that's going around...

  5. Do you have a small digital frame on your desk? Could they just rotate for the year and replace them next year with a new batch? Doing my goals today, I've waited for this day all year! Tee-hee!

  6. Scrapping as much as I can and then blogging.

  7. Doing project life again!


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