Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Two days back!

Well, I've been back two days now.

Yesterday I had an email before 8 and I had to take a little white pill to not freak out. This morning I wasn't stupid; I just took my pill. And so I will do until Friday.

Then holidays again - don't be jealous - I need every single day :)

I'm determined to SHINE this year so I'm being myself at work.

1. I've already hired a lady to jazz up my CV and online profiles (so you may see some "M has updated her profile on LI coming soon) to make me more attractive to recruiters. I'm paying R950 in case you're interested (they work nationally). She has bits and pieces and you pick and choose things you want added.

D thinks I'm mad; I think it's a bargain. That is just a fraction of the potential benefit to be had.... I would have paid R3000.

2. I mentioned to some of you I'm apparently shortl.isted for a position at my work. I don't know how long that shortl.ist is or where I'm at in terms of preferences.......but the powers that be are only back from their leave next week when I'm on leave. I'm being very Zen about this.................

3. I also have a meeting with a recrui.tment agent tomorrow evening after work - she says she has 3 positions I could be interested in, thankfully none in current field, because I told her it's killing me slowly (she laughed!). Most important, near where I work because I DREAD thinking about possibly working in Sandton.

Even if I'm not interested in any of them, it will be good to bring my A-game and verbally articulate to a professional what I want and more importantly, what I don't want! I'm seeing it as prep for interviews.

So onward and upward - let's shine!

It seems to get busier every day at work.

Is anyone still on holiday?

PS the twins are 4 and a half today. Did you all see the cute picture I put on Facebook of them? It was a minor miracle - no funny faces!

PPS yesterday I got my study SORTED! Christmas cards into binder books, all photos put into all 3 albums so I am really, honestly done with 2013's memory-keeping. Project Life 2013 was done on Sunday. I'm a memory-keeping rock star :)

And now for the photos! D and Connor watching a movie :)

I love that he still loves Friday
this one is in his album for December photos - I love the light and shadows

remember the early days with twins, MandyE? Economies of scale with fruit? Mine no longer want to share a banana.

How has this first proper week of 2014 been for you so far?


  1. It's been interesting. Fun. Laid back. Relaxed. AWESOME. Blessed. I go back to work tomorrow. You are sooooo going to shine this year!

  2. Awwww that's such a lovely pic of C and D. 2014 interesting and busy already. I'm positive it's going to be a great year

  3. My kids are still on holiday so I am still working :-p But we are chilled - I am in organising over drive at the moment - energy levels are low so its going slow but its going! Even have a proper expense breakdown spreadsheet going on.

  4. Hope the jazzed up LI profile and CV works!

  5. Love the "genetics" pic! Work is slowing down for me as I complete my handovers for the next 4 months. Tomorrow I hope to sleep in! (but realistically know I won't get that hope realised)


  6. Holiday? What holiday? We had the memorial service yesterday so I decided to take today and tomorrow off. Just to chill and craft...I so need it.
    Hang in there my friend...you're going to SHINE!

  7. Goegeous photos!
    Good luck on the job front, next week when I'm feeling bettee I'll start looking again too.

  8. Love that pic of C biting his lip.


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