Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday} Bambanani

Sam and I had plans to have a family date.

You know this is how it happens, right? You check one another out and if you like each other well enough, then you do "meet the family" :)

We had our first proper friend date on the coldest day of the year (31 Aug) and the family date was going to be at Bambanani.

Well, we were waiting and I was just sending Julia a text to ask for Sam's cell phone number when an email came through that her little one was very feverish and she was cancelling.

I was disappointed, of course, but a few minutes later when she told me he'd started vomiting, realised it was absolutely the right decision for all concerned.

Still, here are some photos from that day.
Christmas nails
the most beautiful door!
above that shop
the little pills that could :)
as we left the area, we saw some filming
cute baby legs
on our way there
and the other side of the highway
back to the city side
walking down the street
I love all these interesting bits and bobs
kick some butt!
above our table
as you know, my drink of choice
spying on Connor
my sweet K
Connor just latched onto this guy - they had a fat chat as we all walked to our cars
I love this!


  1. I absolutely love that last one!

  2. Beautiful photos :)

  3. Great pics! Looks like a lovely day although not as planned

  4. Love all the bits and bobs. ;-)

  5. Lovely photos Marcia.

  6. All beautiful pictures.


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