Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday} Nicola's party

We went to the pink terrorist's birthday party last month and as usual, it was a blast. Louisa, your whole family is so hospitable and we always feel so very welcome.

Thanks again for having us!

kendra in my hat - remnants of one of those little milk tarts on her face
Melinda and her babies - awwww
Tamara - blogger who follows my organising blog BTW (!)
T works with me (we have regular tea chats - her current boss is the person who first employed me at my company) - I discovered she was Louisa's friend from a random photo on L's blog. Small world. And doesn't she have the best hair?!
I love this photo. She looks like I feel with the non-listening twins....
Cat's A - Cat didn't have her camera and I said to A, "wait, your mother would LOVE a pic of you"
birthday girl!
T and Louisa
My little family #thisisfour
Louisa and I were trying to get photos of Nicola - she couldn't care less
but I got this one!
Cat and C
cake time!


  1. Beautiful shots ! And thanks for the lovely photos once again

  2. You take amazing pictures. I would invite you to my kid's party just for the photos :-)

  3. I'm glad you guys could make it, so far this was really my favourite party of hers ever! I was running around like a loon again, but I still had loads of fun.

    Love the photos, thanks Marcia! :-)

  4. So wonderful to see so many familiar faces.

  5. These are all really cool pics. I LOVE the one with Melinda and her girls.

  6. Beautiful! I love K in your hat :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. K looks so grown in that picture of her in your hat.

  8. K and C look SO much alike in that family photo! I love it!!!


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