Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A tiny update

I've decided to update where and when I can, even if not with 10 pretty photos, as is my usual custom.

Church update

The course I'm doing is going so well. I forgot just how much I love training, especially when it's to help people to help other people have a God encounter.

And this might have been God's sneaky plan but I'm seriously considering throwing myself in again, if the admin requirements are not too onerous.

Last night was night 4 so only 1 night left and I'm not ready for that yet :)

On Mondays I cook,  eat quickly while I look over my notes and then dash to church. Do my thing, come home, watch Amazing Race with D (taped) and prepare for the next day before I jump into bed.

Last night I had the added pleasure of packing for the CT trip...

I'm at the airport Wimpy now waiting for breakfast. 

I had quite a bit of anxiety yesterday at work so in a way it's a big pleasure getting out of there to do my own thing. I work much better without constant supervision, as do most people, of this I'm convinced. I had a very sore back too and someone at work asked if it was not due to stress!!! I said I've no doubt that's some of it!!!!!

Do you work well without people breathing down your neck?

How was your Monday?


  1. It's one of my personal management goals - try to give a target and let them meet it themselves. (I do check in once in a while on progress though). Most people work better and more creatively if given the freedom to manage themselves. Enjoy the trip - I know you will not have time to play but do say hello to the mountain

  2. No I don't work well like that! In fact I actually don't work at all when people are watching me!

    Enjoy the trip :)

  3. I tend to get nervous when someone is breathing down my neck the whole time and then make mistakes.

  4. I am craving a wimpy breakfast now - thanks for that. :-P

    I must say that I haven't often had the displeasure of anyone breathing down my neck - but when I have, I have severely disliked it. People mostly leave me to get on with my thing (for which I am very grateful). I think I actually work at my best when I'm not even in an open plan office, but you hardly get that kind of set up anymore. It irritates me to no end when I'm stuck in the middle of something and someone keeps interrupting me to ask me stupid questions or to try and make small talk. The lady who sits next to me at the moment is forever talking to herself and I find it very distracting to say the least!

  5. Nope I prefer to be given leeway but some people don't get work done except someone is breathing down their necks and some leaders are just micro managers. I once had a manager like that and I used to give feedback every 15 mins because I knew I would get asked every 20 mins!!!

    Enjoy Cape Town

  6. I can't STAND people breathing down my back! Even if it's the kids- like when they're looking at my computer over my shoulder or something- it stresses me out.

  7. I am fortunate. I have nobody breathing down my back. I don't think I will thrive in those conditions.

  8. Happy and safe trip to you! I do not enjoy being micro managed, hell NO!


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