Sunday, February 02, 2014

Annnnnnnd... Bruce Springsteen

So one day I was at work and an email came through from D.

Bruce Springsteen tickets go on sale at 9 am.

I told him I don't even LIKE the music and I definitely don't want to go.

You know what happened next, right?

Another email came through... "Dear Marcia... here is your confirmation of the Bruce Springsteen tickets"

I went AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH and got on the phone with D.

He said he went ahead anyway because once I come around to it, I'll enjoy it and this is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity (D has seen The Boss in concert before, in Zimbabwe when he was 18, 25 years ago.... ).

And guess what?

I didn't come around to it.

Up until the day of, I was still not wanting to go. I personally don't mind wasting the R750 but since he paid, I knew he'd feel bad if I didn't go.

So I went.

The only part that was smooth was driving there. Then a 30-minute walk to the actual stadium, queues, queues and more queues.......... sitting and having people up and down a million times for BEER is not my idea of fun. Neither is waiting an hour between the opening act and the main event.

No jokes - I thought I knew 2 songs (can you guess which?) and at the concert, it turned out I knew 4. Woohoo.

Then he started and it was magnificent to see him and the band so very clearly expressing their passion (I LOVE THIS!) and enjoying themselves. He is such a great performer and engaged with the crowd beautifully.

How he ran up and down on that stage for 3 solid hours I will never know!!!

That said, at the end of one hour, I'd heard one song I didn't know I knew (Hungry Heart), and then the rains came about 1.5 hours into the concert.

So the rest of the concert was spent under cover, amidst SMOKERS (please don't take offence if you smoke but I can't stand the smell  and people blowing smoke wherever they feel like it).

Bottom line, I enjoyed my 4 songs and 2 Irish-sounding ones (I couldn't tell you the names if I tried), and at the end they did Shout and Who'll stop the rain (Creedence) which was great.

I do know for sure the big concert thing is not for me, thank you very much. Give me The Dome or Carnival City anytime :)

(I hope Billy Joel's listening........ please come to South Africa! because I'm starting to think otherwise I may have to go to where he IS having concerts....he has a concert at Madison Square Garden the day after I turn 40...... could it be a sign? :))

I was a good sport though, no complaining except right at the end at about 11.40 because my legs were KILLING me from all the standing around.

We got home at 1 am so we were knackered today.

I have such a lot of things to talk about - work stuff, goals, reading, school, weight, etc. and no real time to do so.

And I'm only at 18th Jan with my photo editing - I took on average of 412 photos daily while on holiday...... so being on day 3 means I have a LOT left to do.

But what was your weekend like?


  1. Well done on going. Sometimes we need to do what our partners love because they do so much for us in return.

  2. Hahaha...I'm just trying to picture you there. I love big concerts, but only for artists I actually enjoy. ;-)

  3. So we're doing NYC in August, got it!
    I'm still green with envy. He is absolutely amazing in concert. All I could think last time we saw them was he is in his 60's! You can just feel the passion they have, the vibe of their concerts are phenomenal! I'm hopeful he'll announce tour date here for the summer that I can get my hands on.
    Casting Crowns is also coming to town and I though of you!
    It's Super Bowl weekend and things have been crazy to say the least. The ladies are S-I-C-K and they're calling for half a foot of snow tomorrow. I'm desperate to start my January photos, I'm just finishing December. I've been busy editing during nap and haven't gotten any of my things finished. Hope your week flies by!

  4. The things we do for love. Good for me hubby is worse than me when it comes to big crowd events.

    Weekend was good thank you . Lots of catching up with 2 friends I haven't seen in a few years

  5. Cool that you went for the experience of it. Still a long way to go with the photo editing but isn't it just so much fun as well :)

  6. This is exactly why I don't go to concerts - the thing is I go into sensory overload so quickly and actually can't just "not complain" - it gets too much for me :(

    Weekend was good!

  7. I adore these pics of K.
    I wouldn't mind going to a Springsteen concert, he's not my favorite but I do know a lot of his songs. I haven't been to a concert in YEARS.

    1. Thank you! Once I took those first two, I knew we'd have fun with my little photoshoot :)

  8. I don't mind a big crowd if the crowd is RIGHT. I don't want to be around a lot of drunk people behaving stupidly!!! I feel you on the smoke thing, I actually can't believe I used to smoke! Our weekend was good, Byron had a long weekend so was home from Thursday :)

  9. Yes, please come see Billy Joel in MSG! Mandy and I already have plans to meet in NYC this summer!!! ;)

    I wonder if the culture is different in SA. It would never in a gazillion years occur to me to say, "Please don't be offended if you smoke". Maybe you're just nicer than I am. HA!

    Glad you appreciated The Boss's passion. And I think it's cool that D went ahead with something he really wanted.

  10. My weekend was LOVELY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE concerts. I used to go to LOADS of concerts in stadiums. No more. I am too old to deal with those parking issues and the smokers and the drunk teenagers and and and. Nowadays I ONLY do concerts at Grand Arena or Kirstenbosch or at small, intimate venues. It costs a lot more but it’s just a much nicer and better organised experience – I can actually see what I’m paying for and the sound quality is a million times better. Am sure I would have enjoyed The Boss. And I would LOVE to see Billy Joel. A man who can play piano like that is just HOT.

  11. I am not a big stadium person - too much noise and too may people. But I do love Bruce though.

    BTW love the pics - they are stunning


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