Sunday, February 23, 2014

Classic avoidance tactics

First of all, happy birthday to lovely Mandy!

Hope the weather's been good enough to at least enjoy some of it outside.

Going through the starred 525 Ballito photos is doing my head in.

Well, it was by the end of yesterday. And that was only after 3 days.

So today I abandoned that project totally and instead I have
  • collaged all my instagram photos from 2013
  • printed off Jan - Sept, cut and placed in the photo album (that's when I ran out of A4 paper) (I need to go get some more and then just print off the rest but it's all ready in a "to print" folder)
  • selected, printed and written up my January Project Life and can I say how happy I am with Honey and Sunshine (I only bought filler cards). The colour is making me so happy!

All in all, a good day's work.

But now I need to quickly pack some lunch and get myself to sleep!

Have you been using avoidance tactics too?

PS remember this week if you see a post, consider it a miracle as I'm travelling. Chat to you all next weekend!


  1. Good luck for this week!

    I am super swamped on all fronts at the moment. Need to start packing for our move. At secret place EVERYONE wants me to be their side kick and go to person. And I have a ton of things to tinker with on my one possible side line thing too.

    It's time to schedule a down time weekend before I start panicking...

  2. Oh I do love those colours. I have so much I am avoiding. Right now I handle life like an ER room - attend to the worse patients first and those with a runny nose can wait :)

  3. Oh heavens yes, at the moment I just wish for a good nights rest. (Coughing C and a sore shoulder for me)

  4. You've convinced me to buy filler. I have to do it. And a friend just gifted me a brand new personal photo printer! :) Now if only I could get out of bed. I wish I could say I'm milking this sickness but it really is kicking my butt.

  5. AS you know, I swim, read and watch series. This weekend I watched a series and we went for a long, long, long beach walk. So yes, avoidance tactics are at play in my life.
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Safe travels.

  6. I just keep busy and busy until I need to take a breather and dwell on the elephant in the room

  7. Nope. I couldn't avoid any of the things I hadvto face these past three weeks. Now I need to forget.

  8. Well I call my procrastination, avoidance. I will procrastinate on doing the things that I know have to be done until the very last minute when I am more stressed than ever, when really I should have just done it when it cropped up.


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