Saturday, February 08, 2014

Grab a cup of tea - we've got some catching up to do

I feel like I haven't spoken to you guys for ages. I'm on a project again which means flat-out work and this time I'm doing lots of travel too so there's added pressure.

1. I'll be in CT for 4 nights/ 3 days soonish, EL and a few other places in the sticks.

And this week I'm travelling in and out to Pta every day (kill me now!) but hopefully the people will be great and I'll get what I need quickly so I can get home at a decent hour.

(I'm actually in denial about next week... I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be there and work for the 8 daily hours, or whether some of that is included in the additional travel)

2. I interviewed for a job and was supposed to get the answer on Friday. Still nothing. I'm so tired of all this. Remaining positive is hard work and survival makes me want to retreat and shrink back. So I ordered my shine necklace the other night to remind me to keep stepping out and shining.

3. About the little white pills. I took one on 18 Dec and needed nothing for 46 days til this Tues. I'm ready to not have to use meds to manage this but for now, I have to have that "wall" between me and the situation.

4. So the old boss has moved into his new job and not much has changed. I didn't expect it to though which is good because I don't have unmatched expectations.

5. Anyway, it's Valentine's on Friday. What are you up to? I spent this afternoon getting things ready and if I say so myself, everything looks very cute. I'll share those photos in the next couple of weeks (I'm on the 4th last day of holiday editing now - only 1997 photos to go...)


I looked back on the blog and I see I didn't post any of my 2014 goals.

Well, you all know what goal number 1 is so we won't go there.

I also mentioned that my birthday's in 6 months so I need to start looking at that list too. I want to do something wild bu sttill me. To be honest, I think people wouldn't even be open to it and the thing would flop. So that makes me feel like I need to "play smaller" or "do my own thing" (overseas trip!).

I told Caren who has a birthday two months before mine that I either want to go ziplining with friends, go stay in Ballito for a week with friends (everyone in their own apartment - have I mentioned I like my own space?!) or do the overseas trip. Just for the record, if a friend asked if I was keen on doing a weekend away, I'm all there

Do any of you read the incourage blog? The writers all go away now and again for a time at the beach. I would love that - a big house... connecting with good food :)

Basically I have a ton of things I want to do in and on the house this year on my list - we've bought a new kitchen table which I LOVE, I got the house wi-fi'd and I can't believe the difference in my life (I could live on the internet now things are so quick and easy), and the carpets in the 3 bedrooms were replaced.

Next up is the ugly area around the pool, I also want a "deck" in the back so I can enjoy the year-round sun and I finally want these interior walls (not the bedrooms) painted just the right shade of grey. ha! And of course, constant decluttering. Is there anyone local who wants a mail sorter (the type that hangs on the wall)? I got one as a gift for Christmas 2012 but have never used it, nor will I use it (I toss paper as quickly as it comes in). It's yours for free when we next see each other/ you collect. Email me - I'll send you a pic.

I should also post photos of the books I'm finishing and want to get rid of. Free to a good home if you'll pay postage :)

I also have a TON of books I want to read this year. I've finished book number 10 for the year already. I had 7 fiction books left on my physical bookshelf - am about to start number 3, so those need to be knocked off the list, and then I want to start in on the non-fictions...

I love my Kindle but I will say there's nothing like taking a photo of a "proper" book on your bedside table instead of this...

Last month I got 91% of my goals achieved which is great.

This month I'll share just a few with you:

(I'm starting to feel weird in this space again like I don't want to share completely since I feel like I'm not getting the same openness back. I'm aware this could be real or imagined)

  1. Join Weigh-Less - I joined last week and this week I'd lost a kilo. YAY.
  2. I set an annual exercise goal of 120 workouts - I'm at 17 so far.
  3. Lots of blog tidying up happening this month on all 3 my blogs
  4. Photo organising - complete January!
  5. Get Ballito photos decided on for holiday album (I'm so glad I bought all the same blue albums they had a few years ago. I have one each for 2014 and 2015 holidays, and then I will have to rethink things unless I spy any more of them)
  6. Decide on next holiday....

Care to share any of your goals for Feb?

PS I asked on Billy Joel's page when he's next coming to SA :)


  1. BJ in MSG in NYC...Happy Birthday to you!!! C'mon, know you want to!!! ;)

    I love those mango pics. I didn't grow up eating mango (don't know if they weren't available here back in the day), but I buy them now any chance I get. They're on sale this week for $.49 [imported from Peru]. We had one for supper, and it was scrumptious!

    I hope you might embrace some of the travel for the fresh air and change of scenery. I know you're doing a lot of "marketing" to yourself...but try to frame this one, too...maybe???

    And please don't feel like you have to explain those little white pills. You have been facing extraordinary circumstances for a long, long time. I'm proud of you for recognizing you can use some help.

    Hugs, as always! :) :)

  2. Are we going to NYC? Has this been finalized yet? We will have to get tickets soon!!

    I've decided I can't change work, I'm just riding the wave. But we're tough chicks so we can at least keep our heads above water!! Even though the situation hasn't changed, at least you can celebrate the meanie being gone right?

    What's this bit about openness?

    And lastly, I fell in LOVE with some new dining chairs that DO NOT match my table. </3 So I'll live vicariously through you with your new table love.

  3. I can't do weekends away, but ziplining - whoohoo! I love that kind of thing. :-)

    Goals...mmm...I don't structure mine like yours but I do have a general idea of things that need doing in the back of my head. For me, it gets a bit overwhelming when I see them all together all the time.

    So I look at them once and then let them go...breathe into a paper bag for a bit...then do one at a time without worrying about "the rest".

    Right now I'm still riding the high of finding a suitable new place to stay. I'm not worrying about new job, new car, new man, dentist, gynea, vaccinations yet...that's another day's worries.

    Next thing on the list is to get Nicola into one of my two favourite schools for next year.

  4. I agree with Louisa. I have all the important stuff diarized and that is as far as my goal setting goes. Love the piccies of the mango slices.

  5. Terisha8:34 am

    I started doing monthly goals after I started reading your blog. Previously whenever I tried to set goals I was a bit too ambitious and didn't end up reaching these goals. After seeing the way you do goals, I started being more practical and realistic about how much I can actually do/achieve. Now I actually get quite a bit on my list done. And I love ticking things off that list.

  6. You know - I love these types of posts! I have not even put everything on calenders and diaries this year - it is so out of the usual. I need to get a move with this.

    I did zipline for my 40th birthday - it was such a great idea. I totally loved it (I think you commented on the post way back before we ever met)

  7. Good luck for your week ahead. I kind have made goals for six months ahead, that gives me more time. I want to finish my book, do a moms blog directory and just spend time with my kid. Let's see if I can do that by June, or at worst the end of the year....

  8. Can I just say that I am DYING for some mango after your pics..
    You'll be proud to know that Byron and I actually wrote down a few monthly goals - more for the house - but I'm quite chuffed with our little list. So we are getting things done around the house, instead of just talking about it.
    What's this with everyone going private in blogging land? You also considering it?
    Well my mother has just confirmed she'll be here this weekend for Liam's party so that means Valentine's Day-night has just started looking up.. if we can get a reservation at this late stage anywhere.

  9. Mmmmm....I would skip the ziplining and weekends away and just go and see Billy already! THAT would be the perfect 40th birthday party and gift. All those other things that you want to do can happen later.
    My February goal basically revolves around my kids. Helping them settle, working out schedules for Child1 and getting their admin and medical stuff under control. Well done on your weight loss!


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