Sunday, February 09, 2014

I haven't done this for awhile

I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm teaching a course at the church.

It's to train people to be able to sit with a church member and help them to discover their passion, gifts and personal style. As you can guess, right up my alley.

In fact, I ran that ministry for 6 years and it was the best 6 ministry years of my Christian life :) The course is 5 weeks long and if I wasn't in this current role, I'd jump back in!

I started this little series last year and checking my archives, I only did 8 posts.

Oh well, time to start again.

They didn't prove very popular but I liked being able to find some things I really liked reading, so I'm at it again.

With that said, here's some reading for a Sunday night:

Here's the engagement shoot and here's the wedding - these are my absolute favourite photoshoots ever!

This post made me laugh although school choices are not actually a laughing matter and a topic I totally avoid talking about.

I think I could never do this... but I kind-of have, with work clothes.

I 100% agree with this entire post on slowing down. It shouldn't surprise me since she's an ESTJ like me and a blog friend.

A really good reminder in our "documenting every moment" current reality. This is a new blog to me and I LOVE her heart!

Which is your favourite link?

PS Do you ever get the Sunday night blues? I do. And then it's a vicious spiral of denial, staying up too late, realising one more thing at 11:30, reading til 12:30 and a rushed Monday morning. hmmm.


  1. HA! I loved the school one :) I have actually just stopped talking about schools now - it is depressing and unfortunately a part of life - kids need to be educated, you choose an option and must just deal with it.

    I actually don't have Sunday blues - it is one of my favourite days! We generally try and do nothing which I think does help us to all recharge a little bit and just be.

  2. I don't get the Sunday blues too bad...I put off thinking about secret place until the moment I pull into the basement parking. Then I feel a bit jittery and nauseous when I walk in, but I can usually get myself calmed down by the time I've worked through my inbox.

  3. Love that you are back in the ministry! (I do read some of your links but not all - loved the school one)

    I try to get to sleep early on a Sunday - I then know the week will run better if I start Monday rested.

  4. I never have Sunday blues...but I do have Monday blues ;-)

    I am so glad to hear that you are back doing what the Lord called you to.

  5. Ha. Of course I love the school post. Claudia is one of my favourites! I do get the Sunday Blues. I hate it. Yet, I am strangely grateful for it - it means that I have a job to go to, even if it is one that I hate. Awesome that you are back in ministry.
    Also. I honestly wouldn't care if something is popular or not. If I want to share what I'm reading then I'll do it! Please do the same and don't worry about the stats or whatever?


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