Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'd better start blogging about Ballito

but before I do, let me just add that I'm going to be a bit scarce for the next 2.5 weeks.

1) work is a nightmare
2) I'm travelling (that's actually the least of my work worries)
3) any time I have I need to either play with the kids, teach at church (this is a PLEASURE!), blog in advance for my organising blog or sort out my house which is a mess (I've got so much stuff out that I've taken over the dining room table for the photo printer and laptop).

Speaking of house, I ordered a bed yesterday. Spendy McSpenderson. It arrives tomorrow.

Okay, Ballito.

Is it obnoxious to say I'm about ready for another holiday already?!

On every single walk the kids would collect beads on the boardwalk. I kept saying, "we're at the BEACH!!!! Look THERE!!!!" but no, they wanted to look down and collect beads (they also called the pellets from the pellet guns "beads")

What would I do without this child? She fills my love tank daily :)

Kendra with her beach hair

I bought that nail polish at the Dbn Airport's Woolies ("Paint")

I just LOVE these clouds

yay, my hair is now sorted. I paid a great deal of money on Saturday to tame the mane!

"how dare you take a photo when I'm busy crying?!"

this one is one of my absolute favourites!
Which is your favourite?
How's your week been?


  1. Why on earth would you tame the hair? Do you not love the curl?? I'm green with envy over you and K, and not just because you're enjoy the warmth of the southern hemisphere!

    So what are you doing with these beads? Stringing them? Collection jar? Art projects??

    I love K's eyes in her crying photo, I think that is my favorite.

    Make sure you take a few minutes for yourself each night, don't drive yourself completely mad!

  2. I love the curl but not the frizz and this hair was terribly frizzy which means Work on it daily :(

  3. Terisha8:28 am

    I love the second pic. You and Kendra look gorgeous. Your little girl is getting cuter by the day.

  4. I love K's beach hair!!

  5. Oh I love the one of you and K - it is a beautiful shot filled with love. Good luck with the hectic time - I am also having a rather hectic one. Where are you traveling now?

  6. Kendra is simply beautiful.

  7. I love Kendra's beach hair. My favourite photo is the one of her being annoyed with younfor taking the crying photo.

  8. Kendra crying - the eyes, the hair. Love the picture

  9. You always capture such great pics! I love your curls!

  10. Haha @the how dare you photo! These are all great.

    Good luck with the traveling.

  11. Beautiful pics as usual!

  12. I actually LOVE your wild hair - next time, invest in a good leave-in treatment and you're good to go for the entire holiday.
    Great pics!


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