Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh, yes, Valentine's

So what are you guys doing for Valentine's?

The kids are wearing red and white to school, taking their teachers gifts and receiving gifts from their loving mother.

Other than that, there's work and more work.

I'm not a schmaltzy person who likes the flowers and chocolates, etc. but I do want to do something fun for all of us (no babysitters due to Bruce and Bryan!).


What are you doing on Friday?


  1. No plans yet- it's looking like we're going to be snowed in.

  2. Maybe I can make snow hearts with red dye! Snow-cream! Can one lovingly shovel snow?

    I'm not putting much emphasis on the day, it's a Hallmark holiday. However if we all make it to Valentine's and can make it out, out we will go! Maybe I'll go stir crazy and throw something else together.

  3. I have little somethings for the kids and they are all wearing red to school. Its a night the kids stay up later so we will all be together.

  4. We don't celebrate Valentines day but I thought this year we will be different. Me and hubby will open champagne, have Woolworths chocolate mouse cupcakes and enjoy each other's conversations. Just chilled. Kids need to wear red and white tomorrow.

  5. Well D will be here which is nice so at least we will be together but I doubt we will be doing much of anything :)

  6. N is also wearing either red or pink to school - she asked my mom to make her a special skirt for the event. ;-)
    We're not doing much other than what we usually do. We're having dinner at my folks, but we'll have it by candle light and it's going to not be the standard sort of thing we usually eat when we go there. I told my folks that really they should go on a hot date and not worry about us, but they insisted that they weren't going out and would love to have us over as usual.

  7. Red and white for the kids. A single rose for Miss M from Joel. A Valentines day breakfast at the office.
    It's going to be 33 degrees here tomorrow so I've just decided that we'll go for a swim and an ice-cream after work - Lance is meeting us in Rondebosch. Then we'll collect a pizza on the way home (will order just before we leave the beach) and we'll have it at home with grape juice in champagne glasses. Dessert will be heart-shaped biscuits that I saw at Pnp today - they are soooo cute and go for R2 each! can do Valentines on Saturday as well. Have a picnic!

  8. No plans for us! For me Valentines is about nice food and I am on Weight Watchers, so no nice food or chocolates for me!

  9. We didn't plan anything...but the Mission is having a Valentines Ball tomorrow night. Sponsored by Wool.worths and Summerstrand hotel. So I am going to be dancing the night away.


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