Thursday, February 06, 2014

Project Life - rounding off the year

So yay, I completed a year of project life!

I'm beyond thrilled that I stuck with a (scrapbooking) project this long :)

If you're not interested in PL, feel free to skip this post. I'm really just posting this for my own continuity.

that top photo is one of my favourites of the kids this year. It was on my phone til I exchanged it for a shine photo :)

in Dec, I didn't bother with any journalling - it's all obvious, isn't it? :)

and that's it!
This year I'm using a Kiwi (lime-green) album, the Turquoise kit and I bought some digital files (Sunshine and Honey kits), had the PDFs printed and I cut it all out (that part was painful but I did it over a few weeks in front of The Amazing Race). I want COLOUR and plenty of it this year.

Right, so do you have any projects for this year?

PS So far, I've tried 2 new recipes for the year.

PPS In exactly 6 months I'll be 40. I guess it's time to kick the party planning into high gear.


  1. I keep thinking I want to do a project life but then I think I'll never open it after it's done... or probably finish it for that matter.

  2. I finished 2013 today! So proud of myself. Last night I ordered Janurary's prints but I haven't picked up another binder. Pondering adding in stamps this year.

  3. I am still behind on 2013 but have started full force in 2014. I love doing this and what I like most about it is how much the kids love to page back in it.

    I just bought the Honey digital yesterday. I realize if I have a kit that I really love I will spend less time pondering on what cards to use and keep up better. Does that make sense?Using a Country Blue We R Memory keepers album this year

    1. totally makes sense. that's why it goes so quickly. I can literally do mine in 15 minutes a month. The photo selection is part of my photo process but then I just ask myself, "what happened this month that was meaningful to me?" and go from there to choose photos.

    2. Oh and I forgot to say that I love seeing my "trust" doodle again. I know that you enjoyed it and it makes me so totally happy that you did

  4. And so the 40th's begin!!!

  5. Well done Marcia. Your album looks lovely.

  6. So.. how much can I pay you to do one for me.. lol..


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