Monday, February 03, 2014

Seeing a way forward?

So my boss had his last day in our team on Friday and starts in his new role today.

One of the guys in our team is the new manager.

If you've wondered if this changes anything for me, no, it doesn't.

I had my first day back on Thurs and let me tell you how it went so you get an idea.

It's day 1 after 2.5 weeks out of the office and I walk in to someone saying if I don't have anything pressing this morning, could I assist with a workshop.

They know there's nothing pressing so of course I say no and so I have to run all the way to the other end of our campus with a laptop and bag.

This goes on for a few hours, we rip off all the stuff from the wall and I run back to the other building for a meeting I'm now 10 minutes late for, sweat pouring off me, red face, etc.

Run into ex-ex-boss who says "hi is it your first day back?" I said, "of course it is; that's why I look like a mad woman" because now I have the laptop, my bag and rolls and rolls of the paper that was all over the room.

I even got stuck in a turnstile.

And those were only the first 3 hours.

I'm apparently shortlisted for something I applied for but they haven't told me anything about interviews yet.... and my CV is getting its final polishing as we speak.

So to answer my subject line, I'm not yet seeing a way forward in reality but I was reminded yesterday in church that WHEN you pray, God starts working. So I know He's on the job and I have to be patient but keep hustling :)

Does anybody else have job news?



  1. Oh I do hope and pray for something great for you!

  2. Sometimes I just wish God would work FASTER, that's all! lol!

  3. Geez, what a first day back!

    Well, I do not yet have a new job at a new secret place. Working on a little sideline thing that may or may not fly eventually (back up plan), but in the meantime it looks like I have finally managed to put some fear into the main problem guy I'm experiencing - hahaha - last week he asked me to help him manouvre his way into two meeting rooms for two weeks solid (late planner), which I did. I had to convince 25 groups of people to move their well planned meetings out of his way on short notice. So I gave him a list of people he needed to thank in my opinion, with a stern look that translated to you better do it!

    This is what he ended his thank you email with: PS: I trust no animals or people were harmed in the execution of Louisa's persuasive techniques :-). And since then he has really minded his manners around me, which i greatly approve of.

  4. My life is a bit full at the moment and I am feeling WAY too overwhelmed right now.
    There is progress but I can’t go into details just yet. I’m trying to wrap my head around it and I’m praying about it A LOT.
    Still praying for you too.


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