Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slight photo overwhelm and Ballito photo goals

I've just finished editing (deleting, slight cropping, slight colour adjusting) all the Ballito photos.

All 3712 of them.

These were also the last photos taken in January with the big camera because...
  1. I went straight back to work
  2. I automatically stop taking photos when there are too many in backlog
  3. there was some dust in my camera

Jeanette told me where to take my camera so my MIL collected it on the Thursday when she visited the kids, took it in on the Sat morning and I had it back on the Sunday.

I felt quite lost without it!

isn't this light gorgeous?!
Some photo stats...

I took 3712 photos, deleted 2020 and am left with 1692, which is 45.6%. 518 of those photos I like very much and are "starred" in Picasa. I averaged 412 photos a day...besides iphone photos.

And I'm supposed to narrow down those 518 to have only 100 for my holiday photo album!

My goal is to keep less than 50% of ALL photos I take.

(I get really excited when I can easily delete most of them)

I started this little project last year and I'm pleased to say I only kept 46.2%.

Last year I took 21718 and I ended up with 10025.

If I were OCD or a perfectionist (!), those 25 would bother me and I'd go back and see how to delete an additional 25 but life's too short for perfectionism :)

To round up my Ballito photo goals...
  1. I went on 10 photo walks with the big camera and 1 with just my iphone. (I was aiming for 6)
  2. I have more than 5 nice family photos I was aiming for
  3. I have photos of each of the kids, both of them together, D and the kids, and M and the kids. Happiness!
  4. And I took a couple of interesting (to me) photos.
I also took some stealthy shots of other people while there. Like this...

This "kerfuffle" also happened against my gorgeous grey wall

I'll have to show you all of those in a separate post because they tie into my photo goals for the year.

Do you have any weird photo-taking or editing habits?
What are your photo goals for the year?


  1. My photos have been crap lately, even with my good camera. The lighting in this house sucks, and it's too cold and too snowy to go outside. I try to edit them but they just don't look as good as I'd like. I hate that I'll capture an amazing smile or something from Bacon and it's all yuck because of the lighting. Maybe I should invest in those big lights on stands that photography studios have LOL

  2. I usually take two or three of what I actually want and then just hang on to the best one. Wow, that's a lot of photos! ;-)

  3. I have a very precise sorting system and download at least once a week. Then I delete a lot and only edit the ones I know I will use for something like Project Life or Facebook.

  4. Gosh, no proper goals or anything. Just learn to use camera properly and learn to edit pics. Will deal with numbers in a few months. Am excellent at deleting pics btw. By the end of the year I'll start doing actual printing.

  5. Weird photo taking habit! YEP I hardly take one picture of something. I have a habit of taking 5 (more like 10) of the same picture just to ensure I get the best picture.

    I just lost a lot of pictures so not a very happy camper

  6. I was actually thinking last night I want to get my camera out again and start taking pictures. I keep them all - lol - if I am really bored I delete the blurred ones but usually I download and then get distracted.

    I did spend some time recently sorting them out into months and years - so at least it is a bit easier now to find photos if I am looking for an event/age of kids etc.

  7. I keep them all...just don't have the time for editing and deleting. took a lot of photos...I thought I was "kamera beneuk"


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